A focus on health and well-being

youcansay is a service provided by ReSURV for gathering and acting on pupils’ views.

Some of the information that comes out of our surveys can be surprising – or even shocking, which was our reaction when over a third of students in one school told us they regularly had nothing to eat before the first lesson.  These pupils who skipped breakfast were also more likely to voice concerns about feeling poorly, feeling angry, losing control,anxieties about home life, and fear of not fitting in.

What value would you put on information like this? Our service, which is fully supported and includes detailed reports analysing your results, is immediately available. It is affordable, costing as little as £550 for an entire secondary school.

To see more information on surveys which could be used in your school please click here

If you would like to talk about the questionnaires, their benefits and how they work, please call us on 0118 978 1078, you can also contact us by emailing service@youcansay.co.uk

Adam Dotchin