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Do you find yourself spending too much time on admin? Collating reports, tracking homework submissions and dealing with parent calls?

Show My Homework are here to help. We’re the leading online homework solution, used by 1 in 5 UK secondary schools, that’s breaking the homework monotony for students, parents and teachers. We save you time, so you can get back to what matters most. Return your focus to raising standards schoolwide and improving the impact of teaching and learning, so your students can be the best they can.

Automated homework reports mean you can enjoy instant insights into how individual students, teachers and classes are performing.

Manage all your homework needs from one centralised system and view trends in homework or identify gaps in learning across the whole school.

Raise standards and save money, having everything online means no need for planners and with resources attached, there’s no more printing and reprinting worksheets.

Watch submission rates climb with parent and student access to all homework 24/7 and rest assured parents are involved in every step of the homework process.

Show My Homework can make a real impact in your school today. With easy implementation and dedicated support for teachers, students and parents from day one, you can easily make sure you’re doing all you can to improve the homework process.

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Show My Homework.
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Clips and videos bring a subject to life – but there’s so much out there. How do you find the best?

The web is awash with video material, but how do you find material that’s relevant and interesting?

TV Choice has brought together the best of its 280+ films and clips, supported by notes, on one password for classroom and home use. It means to-the-point, fact-packed material on Business, Economics, Geography, ICT, D&T History and PSHE & Citizenship. It means material created for UK schools, clearly organised, entertaining and without bias.

TV Choice has been providing relevant, compelling material for schools for over 30 years – that wealth of material is now available as an easy to use library at less than £4 a week.

You can preview some of our new titles that we offer by clicking on the following links:

Marketing Strategy Case Studies: Tesco Triumph & Tragedy

Marketing Strategy Case Studies: The Starbucks Experience

The European Union Explained: EU History, Structure, Pros and Cons

TV Choice offers a range of Streaming Platform Packages:

  1. Full TVChoice Library (280+ films & clips £195 + vat per year)
  2. Business & Economics (230+ films & clips £165 + vat per year)
  3. Geography, Leisure & Tourism (100+ films & clips £120 + vat per year)
  4. Design, Technology & ICT (60+ films & clips £75 + vat per year)
  5. PSHE & Citizenship (80+ films & clips £75 + vat per year)
  6. History (13 films & clips £49 + vat per year)

You can order any of our TV Choice Streaming Platform Packages either by visiting our website, calling 0208 464 7402, faxing 0208 464 7845, or by sending your order in the post to TV Choice Ltd, PO Box 597, Bromley, BR2 0YB.

Please note that if you enter the code HHSP16 at checkout (on the website) or on your order, you will receive 10% off your order.

What is the single most effective way to develop children’s imagination – and why is this important?

One of the key components of creativity and innovation is imagination. Thus, according to Sir Ken Robinson, an expert in children’s learning and education, “Imagination is the source of all human achievement”.

Edventure has identified that the single most effective way to develop imagination among children is through play, which is why we supply schools with a wealth of games and play equipment, such as our We-Blocks Minis.

Countless shapes can be made with the combination of your children’s imaginations and our We-Blocks Minis, which consist of a total of 28 pieces, including: 4 x Triangle, 4 x Square Window, 4 x Rectangular Window, 6 x Square and 10 x Solid Square.

As always, you can place an order with Edventure in a variety of ways, including:

  • on the website 
  • by faxing us to 01323 50 10 41
  • by calling us on 01323 50 10 40
  • by emailing us at        
  • by post to Edventure Ltd, Hargreaves Business Park, Hargreaves Road, Eastbourne, East Sussex, BN23 6QW.

Payment, either by credit card or cheque, is required with your order.

Quote HH0515 when you place your order and we will deliver it for FREE!

(Without quoting the code the charge is £3.95.)

Free mini quiz on business activity!

Use our free quiz to help your class understand the different levels of business activity.

Test your students’ knowledge of the sectors of industry. Which types of businesses are growing and which are in decline, and why? Explore which factors affect primary, secondary and tertiary business sectors and chains of production.

Try it now on our Doddle Business Studies page.

Want to see more of what Doddle can do to help target revision? Book a free online demo!
One of our team will give you a free tour of Doddle, and show you how the hundreds of resources can engage your students, test their understanding and support your revision planning.


Exceptional Nursery Teaching Resources



Coloured Building Blocks – Kiblo’s unique building choices stimulate logical and deductive thinking. Building skills are developed and then natural creativity released.

01792 863331
Postal address:
NDA (Packaging Services) Ltd, P.O. Box 516, Swansea, SA8 3YN.



Active Learning Place Mats – use a simple, self-checking method of learning and reinforcing Early Learning letter skills. They aim to speed up an automatic response to letter recognition, alphabetical order and rhyming patterns.

01536 399017
Postal address:
Multi-Sensory Learning, Earlstrees Court, Earlstrees Road, Corby, NN17 4HH.


You can find more Exceptional Teaching resources at

Free sign up for a whole year to KS1 and KS2 Educational Quizzes

Our library of KS1 and KS2 Education Quizzes is free for a whole year and covers an extensive range of subject areas, including: Art, Computing, DT, English, Geography, RE, History, Maths, PSHE, Science, Spelling, Times Tables, Citizenship, Music, PE, and more!

To see our full range of Education Quizzes for KS1, click here.

To see our full range of Education Quizzes for KS2, click here.

Furthermore, we have also created a range of Education Quizzes to support pupils who are looking to sit the 11-plus. Click here to see the full range of 11-plus Education Quizzes.

Would you like to be able to offer Education Quizzes as home revision or homework to your pupils? Our Education Quizzes can be accessed by pupils on their home computers, tablets, and smartphones.

For free sign up for a year to our library of KS1 and KS2 Education Quizzes, please visit  If you would like to know more, please do email or call 01406 371799.

Colin King

Learning to type is no longer an option, it’s essential.

Learning to type is now an essential skill for today’s school pupils.  With the use of computers in schools increasing and computer-based exams an inevitability waiting to happen, typing is a skill that should no longer be overlooked.

By learning to touch type, your pupils will be able to work much more quickly and accurately whilst increasing their ability to focus on the subject matter rather than the mechanics of using the keyboard.  And by keeping their eyes firmly on their computer screen when they type, they will avoid damaging long-term neck and upper back injuries caused by constantly looking down at the keyboard.

With ‘Typequick for Students’ and its sister program ‘Typequick Professional’ for older children, at Type&Test Ltd we offer highly effective and engaging ‘cloud-based’ touch-typing training available to all your pupils, anytime, anywhere.

Containing up to 60 hours of content, your pupils will never run out of fresh practice material.  With our easy-to-use and comprehensive progress tracking software, included with every order, you will be able to monitor their progress whether they use the course at home or in school.

Our Annual Licence scheme is amazingly cost-effective.  For as little as 50p per head (that’s less than 1p per hour!), or even less for our unlimited user licence, each of your pupils can have access to their own personalised course for up to a year.

For more information, email using the subject line ‘annual licence’ and we will send you a link to our electronic brochure.  Or call 01480 861867, or visit  To make an enquiry via our web site, click here.

What is the single most effective way of handling an unexpected incident or emergency in the school?

An “incident” in the school could be an accident involving a pupil, student or member of staff.   Equally an incident could be the sudden arrival of a parent who is particularly aggravated or abusive and is facing an administrator who is alone in the office.

Or again it might be the arrival of an outsider who it is suspected has no reason for being in the school.  Or it could be a power failure which has taken out the school’s phone system.

In all such events the most important point is communication – immediate communication between the individual handling the incident and a designated member of staff who can then quickly arrange a suitable response to events.

By far the most simple, cost effective way of arranging such cover is a compact two-way radio that provides fast and direct communication across a campus.

This ensures that staff and teams remain co-ordinated and informed at all times.

There are also of course more complex systems available – and it is obviously important to select the right system for your school.  But the key point is to have a facility that allows someone in the school (for example the administrator) to have the ability to summon help at the press of a button if there should be a sudden problem.

There is information about the various systems that we offer on our web site and if you would like to discuss your school’s requirements in detail, please do call us for free on 0800 084 27 99.

Alternatively you can email and we’ll get straight back to you

“every child is an artist” – Picasso

The Articulate Gallery is an award winning range of slot sided picture frames especially for the display of 2D and 3D children’s artwork.

It takes the children’s pictures off the fridge door and places them in their rightful place in a frame on the wall in an instant.

The children gain a sense of achievement when they see their artwork properly showcased, which is good for their development, ideal for the classroom or a great gift for any family member.

The frames allow easy rotation of the art and, being less expensive than conventional framing is a great way to encourage creativity in the children.

Photography taken for East Ayrshire Council;; Contact Lynne Buchanan 01563 576520



No more curled up corners on the noticeboard!

Instant framing of A4 and A3 artwork

Takes 3D pictures with cotton wool or pasta stuck on

Encourages creativity in children

Hangs portrait or landscape

Holds many pictures at a time

What’s more, once their creations are done, children can frame their own art giving them a sense of ownership throughout the whole topic.

Our vision is to improve the way we educate our children by nurturing and encouraging their creativity making it central to their development. Using “The Articulate Gallery” to celebrate their creations builds happy, creative and confident learners.

Colin A Gilchrist

Articulate Minute Movie


What is the best way to ensure that your A level English pupils know enough basic grammar to be exam ready?

This handbook covers every aspect of grammar and its application to the analysis of text that is necessary for success in A level Language and combined Language and Literature courses, regardless of exam board.

The book assists grammatical acquisition from word class, to phrase then clause level, finally showing students how to analyse sentences in text. Sentence analysis is a stand alone requirement for students of the new linear OCR A Level Language course from 2015. Each section of this book is accompanied by clear and useful tasks which are designed to allow students to demonstrate their understanding and apply and consolidate  their knowledge.

The final section of the book is devoted to punctuation and terminology used to describe patterning in text, such as syntactical parallelism, tricolon use and antithesis, all of which are High Grade rhetorical features necessary for success at A level. Direct speech punctuation and apostrophe use are also covered in detail with useful examples of how to apply both.

This grammar handbook has often been cited by students as invaluable in assisting their learning, application and revision of grammar for A level Language and Language and Literature and is a resource created, developed and modified through many years of successful teaching.

“An A Level Language and Combined Language and Literature Grammar Booklet” is published as a photocopiable volume or on CD Rom, and individual sections can thus be readily copied and distributed to students as required. The copies can also be shared with colleagues or given to supply teachers, without any fear of the original book being misplaced.

You can see a full list of the topics and some sample pages at

Publisher’s reference: T1835EMN ISBN: 978 1 86083 896 5


  • Photocopiable report in a ring binder, £24.95 plus £3.95 delivery
  • CD with school-wide rights: £24.95 plus £3.95 delivery
  • Both the Ring Binder and the CD £31.94 plus £3.95 delivery

Prices include VAT.

You can purchase the report… please quote the order ref: T1831EMN

How can assembly songs provide a positive and hugely creative experience for young children?

SEALSONGS is a collection of assembly songs which aims to get children engaged through the experience of making and creating music. The lyrics were written with considerable input from Year 4 and 5 pupils, so speak from children to children, and the musical backing tracks were professionally recorded.

But the resource goes further and offers teachers detailed advice on writing new lyrics, leading singing and other ways that SEALSONGS may be used in the classroom. Thus it enables teachers to give young children the positive experience of working with others in creating new songs within the SEAL framework. There is also guidance for non-specialists in how to teach songs.

The SEAL themes are:

Song 1: New beginnings
Song 2: Getting on and falling out
Song 3: Say no to bullying
Song 4: Going for goals!
Song 5: Good to be me
Song 6: Relationships
Song 7: Changes

Two further general songs – one about writing songs and one providing a Rhyme Game – are also included in the pack.

SEALSONGS was written by David Stoll, a well-known composer of music for the concert hall, the theatre, and for television and radio. He also writes children’s songs and for school ensembles, and designs projects in creativity for schools, higher education and the corporate sector. His music is now being published by Novello & Co.

JENNY MOSLEY (Founder of Quality Circle Time) said “SEALSONGS is a wonderful gift to any adult who wants to truly help their class or school embed SEAL as a way of ‘being’ with ourselves and others. We all know that song can lift you to a different spiritual dimension – David Stoll has given us the perfect package to help even the most music-shy amongst us to engage young people in the process of creating heart-warming songs as part of a creative team….. This is an excellent resource.”

HOWARD GOODALL (National Ambassador for Singing) said “These SEALSONGS have the authentic ring of children’s ideas and feelings in every line. This, for me, makes it a valuable and empowering set of musical tools….. with excellent supporting materials and explanations.”

Purchase of SEALSONGS includes a licence for full use of all the material within the school, including recording new versions of the songs.  The complete package is split into different files so that schools may choose which elements they wish to record or print.

Sample music can be downloaded from

You can purchase SEALSONGS in the following ways:

1. As a download, price £10 plus VAT

2. As a copiable book plus CD, price £19.99 plus £3.95 delivery

Improve your Parental Engagement – FREE 28 day trial

Jigsaw School Apps have built apps for over 400 schools across the UK.

Our apps offer a revolutionary way of communicating with parents, and key features include:

–    Notifications to users each time something is added
–    News and Calendar information
–    Simple Surveys
–    Photo Galleries
–    PDF File Store
–    Automatic translation of messages into over 100 languages
–    Integration with Google Calendar and Office 365 calendars
–    API access for integration with school websites
–    Available for iPhone, Android, Windows phone and Windows Desktop

Call or email us quoting HH1 for your free 28 day trial.

0800 999 7500