A chair, a chair… a chair to change the way students behave and enhance attainment…

It might seem curious, but it turns out to be true.  The chairs you install in classrooms affect student behaviour and learning.

In fact the chairs we use affect all of us.  If we are comfortable when we sit to study, we will study more, and study better.  If we are uncomfortable the reverse is true.

Research has shown that around three quarters of secondary school students report their school chairs as uncomfortable.  Around nine in ten say that the chair they have to sit on affects their ability to focus and concentrate.

And given that in the course of a year the average student will spend around 800 hours sitting in class it is not surprising that the impact of the humble school chair is huge.

But there is more because Ofsted has reported that just about the largest source of disruption in classrooms came from students swinging on chairs.

Worse, many of those students who engaged in this sort of action, were students who do not engage in other low level disruptive behaviour.  It is just that they are uncomfortable, the chairs can be used for tilting and swinging, and so students who otherwise would never disrupt lessons now do so.

Thus changing the design of chairs makes the students more able to focus (because they are more comfortable) and less likely to be disruptive.

It was this understanding which led to the development of the Max2 chair; a chair designed to aid study, focus and concentration.  It naturally comes with a 10 year guarantee, has a zero environmental impact, is delivered within 7-10 days from order and which can be discounted by up to 40%.

There is more information HERE, along with images and details of how to buy.  If you would like to talk about any of the issues raised here or indeed any other point related to the Max2 chair, please do call us on 0345 257 8850 or email info@dlb.co.uk

Tom Wates