Very special magic…

Once upon a time, there was a young musician called Robin. He loved to play the piano, because he knew music could be magical…

Then, one day, he began teaching music in schools. How the children loved playing music! But then, something terrible happened… he was asked to stage a show for all of the parents. Oh, how he was filled with fear!

Suddenly, the music teacher had an idea! His brother, Simon, was a writer and director of television programmes for ITV, Channel 4, and even the BBC! Perhaps if he and Simon worked together…

So, they created a show with very special ‘easy peasy’ magic. No-one had ever seen a play like it before – everyone agreed, it really was magical!

And what happened to the two brothers…? They wrote lots of Easy Peasy Plays that were used by hundreds of schools throughout the land! Yippee!

And this is where you join the story! Our latest Easy Peasy Plays are ready to delight your school! Even better, to celebrate the launch of our new summer collection you can enjoy a special discount of £5.00 off any play! Just enter the discount code save3 at checkout by 31 July 2016.

Perfect! Don’t you just love a happy ending…?


Best wishes for an easy peasy day!

Robin and Simon


PS: Only Easy Peasy Plays have easy peasy magic!

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