What is the benefit of testing pupils for dyscalculia?

One of the great problems in working with dyscalculic pupils and students is that there are many different ways in which dyscalculia affects individuals.

Because of this there is no such thing as a “typical dyscalculic person” or indeed a single method for helping the dyscalculic pupil or student.

In short, when faced with a dyscalculic individual what we have to do is try to find out the areas in which the pupil has problems and the specific difficulties that the pupil has.

Finding such information out can be made more difficult by the fact that many dyscalculics evolve their own methods of handling maths over time, making it appear as if they know what they are doing in certain situations.

In such situations, although the pupil or student can get an answer right, he/she often has no understanding at all and is instead just going through a mechanical and essentially (for them) meaningless process.

It is because of this sort of problem that in 2011 the Dyscalculia Centre introduced its on-line test for dyscalculia, suitable for pupils aged 8 and above.

Hundreds of individuals now take the test each year, and many schools have found it helpful to test several pupils in the course of a year, which is why we are now introducing a special price for schools that use our test with three or more pupils.

The aim of the test is not simply to say “this person is dyscalculic,” although it does give that result.  It aims primarily to find out where the specific problems for that individual are and then suggest how these problems can be overcome.

For example, the test seeks to unravel situations where the student seemingly knows how to undertake mathematical computations without having any idea what is going on.   It also looks for associated short term / long term memory issues, problems with understanding the very concept of number, and difficulties with the notion of time and of shapes.

The Dyscalculia Test is taken on-line, and results in a detailed report (usually around five pages of A4) identifying the problem areas and the actions that can be taken to help the pupil overcome these issues.

What’s more, the Centre also then provides free teaching materials that can be used with the pupil to help deal with the most important areas of difficulty in a multi-sensory way, thus allowing the pupil or student to start moving forward in terms of mathematical knowledge.

There is more information about the Dyscalculia Centre’s on-line test for dyscalculia at http://www.dyscalculia.me.uk/testing.html

Testing costs £59.95 per individual or £49.95 each where three or more tests are booked together (although these tests do not all have to be taken at the same time). This price includes taking the test, receiving a specific report in relation to the individual taking the test, and being provided with resources relevant to that individual which can be used to help them progress in maths.

The test itself is set up for payment by credit card on-line:

Please click here to order one test at £59.95
Please click here to order 3 tests at £49.95 each

However if you wish to use a school order number you can do this by phoning 01536 399 011, or by fax to 01536 399 012.  In each case we will need your email address so that we can email you a link to the on-line test.  There are more details about payment for schools on http://www.dyscalculia.me.uk/teacher.html

If you have any enquiries please do call 01536 399 000 or email admin@dyscalculia.me.uk

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