Free Collins Dictionaries for your Students


Well yes, it really is true!

With 612 pages and a clear, typeface, the “Collins English Dictionary” is an excellent choice for your KS 3, 4 and GCSE students. It’s the normal paperback size (176 x 110 mm) and has an RRP of £ 6.99. However when you order from Signpost Educational Ltd you can buy these dictionaries for only £2.99…..that’s a saving of £4 on each copy. ! But that’s not all…..

I like the £4 saving, but where do the free copies come in?

Simple. Just order 100 or more copies and you’ll get 50% extra free of charge.

Order 200 and you’ll get another 100 copies free. There’s no limit to the quantity you can order and you’ll always get an extra 50% free with orders over 100 copies.

You can order direct from Signpost Educational Ltd and contact them at or phone 020 7515 1797 or visit their website: If you prefer to fax your order then the number to use is 020 7515 4420.