KS3 interactive science quizzes – free for a whole year

The interactive quizzes on the Education Quizzes website have become extremely popular with students – they pay £5.00 per month to access hundreds of teacher-written quizzes.

Education Quizzes would now like to prove their worth to teachers. You can sign-up as many classes as you like, free of charge for a year. Your students will be able to use their computers and iPads to play all the quizzes in your chosen subject and you will have access to an online report showing which quizzes have been played and the scores achieved.

Think of it as “Self-marking homework”!

You have nothing to lose. Education Quizzes will not produce a single invoice for teachers in 2014. Take a look at http://www.educationquizzes.com/teachers/ks3-science/ for further details.

Alternatively contact Colin King (01406 371799 or colin@educationquizzes.com) for an informal chat and walkthrough of the system.