New Canteens for old!

What is the simplest way to accommodate more students in the canteen, while reducing behavioural problems through the lunch break?

Generally we tend to think that the canteen is a space about which not much can be done.

The concept that extra students could be fitted in, and that in doing this we would actually reduce behavioural problems, (as opposed to aggravating them) by having more students in one place could come as a surprise.

Answer to above question: With modern canteens designed for functionality and aesthetics.

Most school canteens are fairly old, and very few have been designed to consider the impact that the layout of tables and chairs has on behaviour – whilst at the same time increasing the number

Yet this can follow when the tables and chairs in a canteen are replaced – (and perhaps one should note that once the furniture in a school canteen reaches ten years of age, it is often ready for replacement).

There are other bonuses too, when tables and chairs in the canteen are replaced. Furniture that does not chip, 100% stackable, moveable and light, cleaner hygienic modern surfaces; and the provision of a separate quiet area for staff and senior students.

All of this means that, aside from the benefits of better behaviour, students begin to see this as a dining experience, and when you come to show parents around the school, the canteen becomes one of the “must see” parts of the school.

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“Discount of 5% is being offered for installations planned for Dec/Jan/Feb which is our quiet time “

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