Boost creative writing in line with the new curriculum

There are many different ways of approaching creative writing, and no one way suits everyone. 

There are many different ways in which children approach the writing of a story, a poem, a review… 

Some just start writing, confident that the result will be reasonable, and that one can go back and improve. 

Others need preparation and planning before the writing starts, while a third group will freeze, unable to do anything at all. 

But then, even when the writing has begun, again different approaches can be seen. Some are able to follow the story and make a coherent whole. Others can lose the plot (literally) and wander into completely new areas. And some will freeze. 

Which is why the Boost Creative Writing Skills series of books exists. 

The planning sheets within the series help with the gathering of ideas, and there is coverage of a range of different genres such as stories, poems, book reviews and newspaper reports. 

Each sheet generates discussion within a defined framework and then aids pupils to write more descriptive stories and compose longer pieces of writing.

There are also techniques included which assist with both narrative and descriptive writing and which cater for different learning styles. 

The Boost Creative Writing Skills series of books address the Programmes of Study for writing composition in the new (2014) National Curriculum for England. 

They have been shown to boost children’s writing skills, give pupils confidence and make them believe that they can write. 

There are 3 books in the series: 

Boost Creative Writing Skills for 5-7 year olds 

Boost Creative Writing Skills for 7-9 year olds 

Boost Creative Writing Skills for 9-11 year olds 

You can also purchase all 3 resources for the special offer price of £40.00

This book is available from 31st January but may be pre-ordered. The e-book version will be available to buy once the book is published. 

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