Changing the way that students think

What is an argument? What is a persuasive argument? What is a rational argument?

The fact is that no matter what subject a student studies at school, the ability to respond to any question with rational argument enhances that student’s chance of getting a higher grade.

Add to that the ability to see through illogical and irrational arguments and the student is heading towards an ability to construct arguments that are not only valid, but which impress any audience to which they are presented.

However, to achieve this the student needs to understand the difference between explanation and assumption, between evidence and example, between logic and appeals to “good old fashioned common sense”.

Which is why “Critical Thinking” has become a cornerstone of the teaching of thinking in so many schools across the UK as it helps students find their way through argument and debate and present their own ideas more succinctly and more persuasively.

In short, it explores what arguments are, what types of argument are valid, and what types of argument are anything but.

This new edition of “Critical thinking” analyses, in a manner that every sixth former can fully grasp, the way in which arguments are structured and the assumptions that are made in putting forward arguments.

Evidence and the truth, facts and judgement all come under the microscope, followed by an analysis of the limits of persuasiveness.

From here the students are encouraged to produce their own arguments in essays, reports, debates and the like, helping them be prepared to analyse their own thinking and improve their thinking ability ahead of the next point to be debated.

In short this is a book that is essential in the classroom; it will change the way students think, change the way they study and change the way in which they approach their exams.

The volume can be bought as a photocopiable book or on CD Rom.

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