Why introduce French at KS1, when it is not a requirement until KS2?

The answer to that question comes in three parts. 

First, there is the pliability of the brain – introducing a second language is easier when the brain is more receptive to learning and comprehending language. 

Second, generally speaking KS1 children are far less inhibited and self-conscious than older children and thus are more willing to experiment with new sounds. 

Finally, young children love mimicry. 

Put those three concepts together and it is clear why KS1 children are ideally suited to learn a second language. 

To take advantage of this receptiveness in young children we have developed Petites Étoiles – a comprehensive set comprising 18 activity cards, an interactive DVD, and a photocopiable resource that teaches French to Reception and KS1 children in a way that is specifically designed to fit easily into the existing curriculum.

This user-friendly resource has been devised in line with the EYFS/KS1 curriculum and enables the teaching of French to be easily incorporated into lessons. The activities included are based on common topics along with lots of suggestions for cross-curricular links. 

And, as you might expect, the resource contains songs, oral language games, playing with puppets and parachutes, and activities based around toys, food, animals, celebrations and other engaging topics. 

Better still, the resource is incredibly supportive for the non-specialist teacher, with video and audio clips included so all the language introduced is modelled by native French speakers. 

There are sufficient lesson plans, activities and ideas to last you from Reception right through to Year 2. 

Cross-curricular links, extensions for older or more able children and opportunities for developing intercultural understanding make this a truly outstanding resource. 

What’s more, teaching French boosts childrens’ self-confidence in other subjects and sets them up for future language learning. 

A number of free sample teaching resources are available on our website. 

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