Being aware of the changes outlined in the Draft SEN Code of Practice

A number of changes in provision have been outlined in The Draft SEN Code of Practice including the need for provision for children and young people from 0-25 years of age. This will have an impact on all providers of education in this age range. There is a greater focus on support that enables those with SEN to succeed in their education and make a successful transition to adulthood.

The draft code has introduced a new category of Social, Mental and Emotional Health (SMEH) which identifies specific syndromes and conditions including anxiety, depression, conduct disorders, self-harming, substance abuse, eating disorders, ADHD, attachment disorder, autism and bipolar disorder.

Keeping staff up to date with these changes can be challenging but these syndromes and conditions, together with others, are included in the three volumes of Behaviour Solutions: A Guide to Syndromes and Conditions.

Each volume gives a guide to a wide range of conditions (64 in all, over 3 editions) and looks at definitions, symptoms and characteristics, causes, treatments, strategies to use in the classroom and a list of useful references including websites.

One particular benefit is that the books come in a photocopiable format so that if you wish to circulate details of a condition to several colleagues, or indeed to provide information to concerned parents, this is easily achieved.

Further details of the volumes and their contents are to be found on

Cost of the 3 volumes is £60 (a saving of £15 on normal price) plus £6 postage and packaging.

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