Ten top tips for Assessment for Learning – Free guide

At Smartees Learning we are often asked for our top tips on key aspects of Teaching and Learning, such as Differentiation, Marking and AfL. Of course our highly-acclaimed training courses are about much more than ‘top tips’ but we still love to give our course participants quick, handy guides to take away from our courses.

If you’d like to know more about our training and consultancy, including our programmes on How to Get a 1 for Teaching and Learning and Differentiation, Marking and Feedback, do visit the website at www.smartees-learning.com

If you would like a copy of the AfL guide free of charge please do drop me an email to heather@smartees-learning.com and I’ll forward you a copy

There is just one thing however. I know that we’re imposing on your colleagues in your school office by asking them to pass this email on to you. In order to avoid taking up more of their time could I ask you to write back from your own email address so that I can send you the report directly?

There is of course no charge for the report.

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Heather Hamer
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