How creative thought and action can be ignited at Key Stage 1

If only children were always hungry to learn. Regardless of the delicious offerings prepared by class teachers, appetites can vary considerably between pupils and from one day to the next.

Sometimes a pupil is simply not in the right frame of mind.

Maybe they got out of bed on the wrong side that morning. Whatever the reason, the old adage about taking a horse to water holds true. And children often need a little help in cultivating their thirst for learning.

Creative thinking in children is increasingly being encouraged because of the fast-moving, challenging world they live in. But encouraging this ‘thinking outside the box’ can be a little difficult.

Various types of activities are needed to encourage original thinking and creative exploration of ideas and to kick-start skills such as portraying concepts pictorially and collaborating with each other.

Children also need to be encouraged to develop the skills they will need to organise and understand information.

Where Can an Elephant Hide? contains 180 tried-and-tested, unique activities designed to do exactly that – to kick-start children’s learning. The challenges are ideal for daily use. Engage your children with them first thing in the morning for maximum effect.

Choose the one that suits your pupils’ needs and your mood. Challenge the children to make their own lucky charm, or ask them what you should use instead of ‘X’ if something is wrong.

The 15-minute challenges are clear, self-explanatory and easy to administer. Ready-made for busy teachers, you can use the CD-Rom to display activities on IWB. The teacher’s book contains photocopiable sheets, teacher’s notes and answers.

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