Giving students with reading difficulties access to a wide range of literature

The notion of having a story read or performed by people who are not standing in front of their audience goes back to the earliest days of radio.

Indeed the first radio story to be heard in Britain was probably A Comedy of Danger by Richard Hughes which was broadcast by the BBC in 1924.

Since then, of course, the idea of reading books to all ages has expanded greatly, and books are now available on CD’s, in MP3 format, and as downloads.

As such the recording of the reading of books has opened up literature in a way that could never previously have been imagined.

Our library of audio books supports the Scottish and National Curriculums from Key Stage 2 through to A-Level and covers subjects such as geography, science, citizenship and history.

The audio books can be used for and by students as an alternative means of accessing information and for their leisure value. In short, they provide an entry into the world of books that might otherwise appear to be impossible.

As a charity we are able to offer low cost memberships to schools to enable your students to download and stream audio books. Prices start from £50 per year which allows your school access to a choice of thousands of titles.

Our library range also includes best selling fiction and of course can be accessed at any time, day or night.

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