Monologues with Duologue Activity at Key Stage Four and Five

This book of original monologues and duologues covers the requirements for speaking monologues in Drama at KS4 and KS5 and provides useful material for pupils working towards entry into drama college. English teachers will also find it useful in respect of the speaking and listening requirements at KS4 and the study of Shakespeare.

The monologues/duologues should be performed in one lesson with drama activities, discussion work and some written work available as an extra resource for that lesson. Many activities could form one part of a second lesson or presented to pupils as homework. All of the activities can be drama room or class based.

The activities section includes a wide variety of tasks which will stretch your students: creative drama activities and writing opportunities for English coursework requirements; specific role play, hotseating tasks and group discussions that do not require pen and paper; chances to turn monologues i nto scripts, to write monologues and duologues and to write television scripts thinking about action, camera angles and other techniques; writing reports; researching the internet; and exploring drama techniques such as movement, direction and timing.

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