Making it easier to manage trips and school funds

Do you have dozens of trips going out every year? Do you have an activities week where everyone is doing something?  Managing the money plus all the forms and other checks, can be a big administrative headache, but the Private Funds Manager software can really help.

Whether you manage trips through a central bank account and accounts system, or have it separate, PFM makes it easy to enter, manage and export information.

This easy to use software :

Synchronises with (and other pupil records) to import student information

Allows unlimited trips/events/accounts to be set up and payment schedules allocated

Records not just financial information, but consent forms, passports etc

Processes cash, cheques, DD/SOs, bank transfers and chip and pin,  and prints receipts

Links with all major online payment systems (Parentmail, Parentpay etc)

Generates invoices, statements, letters, lists and debtor letters

Produces trip lists, parent contact lists, medical lists and payment reports for chasing up.

Links with Word, Excel and smartphones,  and provides a wealth of other reports.

The program comes with free of charge online training for all your staff for the first three months, as well as the option for onsite setup and training. We are really proud of our backup, support and training and go out of our way to know your setup personally so we can really help.

We run monthly free online demonstration sessions, and would love you to take a look at our system.  Click here for schedule and bookings.

The software costs £195 for primary schools, £395 for secondary school for a whole school, one off purchase option.

For further details please visit our website, call 01722 413255 or email