What can you buy with £1?

Unfortunately, a £1 doesn’t go very far these days.  It might buy you a daily newspaper, depending on which one you want to read, but not a magazine.  It might pay for you to park your car for about 20 minutes, but it won’t get near to buying you a litre of petrol.  Perhaps you could afford a pint of milk but probably not a cup of tea in a decent tea shop.

But it is comforting to know that £1 can still go a long way.  That’s because a £1 will buy your pupils a vital skill – a skill that will be of enormous value to them (and to you) whilst they are at school and as they move on to further education.  It is a skill that once learned will last them a lifetime.

That skill is touch-typing.  By joining the ‘Type-Net for Schools’ scheme run by touch-typing training specialists Type&Test Ltd, you will have access to arguably the UK’s best online touch-typing tutorial for your pupils at around £1 per head – or less if you opt for one of our larger licences.

Type-Net for Schools, which already has over 130 member schools, provides high-quality interactive online typing courseware that needs no supervision, needs no organised lessons, and will teach your pupils to touch type in just a few weeks.

After a programme of short regular sessions at home or in school, your pupils will be typing at 40 words per minute or more, around twice that of hand-writing speed.  Not only will that make them much more efficient and confident computer users, benefiting them across the whole curriculum, it will mean that assignments are more likely to be delivered on time, and in a form that is always legible and probably largely free of misspellings.

So what would you and each of your pupils get for a £1?

  1. High quality online courseware with up to 60 hours of varied content.
  2. A 100% secure Google learning environment with no pop-up ads, security concerns or cookies.
  3. An easy-to-access internet-based program for use in school and at home.
  4. A Learning Management System that tracks every one of your pupil’s progress through the course.
  5. Technical support and best practice advice to help you get the most from the courseware.
  6. The freedom to charge parents for the program in order to generate income for your school.

Joining Type-Net is easy.  Just click here to arrive at our information and Order Form.  Complete the Order Form online, indicating the size of licence you require, click the submit button and then wait a few days before we set up your Learning Administration System and send you your instructions.  It is easy but support will be on hand should you need it.

It turns out that £1 can still go a long long way…….