Knowing about every condition

Although memory often plays tricks it does seem that once upon a time it was the case that the number of special needs that we had to deal with was much smaller than is the case today.

Dyslexia and other reading difficulties, hearing impairment, visual impairment… we have all been familiar with these for a long time.

But then other conditions emerged and quite often there was some controversy attached to both the condition and its diagnosis. Indeed I well remember ADHD being greeted with disdain and disbelief in the early days with some colleagues outside the special needs department calling it an excuse for poor behaviour.

However, the fact is that these conditions are real, that they do affect some of the young people whom we teach, and it is vital that as SENCos we need to have a full working knowledge of each condition.

That doesn’t mean that when a parent comes in and claims that his/her child has attachment disorder we have to accept the parent’s word – but if it is the first case of attachment disorder that we have been faced with, we really do need to read up on it quickly before meeting with the parent and discussing the child’s condition with colleagues.

Likewise when we are having pupils and students referred to us by colleagues, there is a further need to be able to consider and come to terms with an issue that may be quite new to us.

It is for this reason that we have produced the two volumes of Behaviour Solutions: A guide to syndromes and conditions.

Each volume gives an introductory guide to a wide range of conditions. Volume 1 focuses on a range of conditions that relate to learning difficulties, interaction and communication problems, emotional and behavioural issues and sensory and physical difficulties.

Volume two moves on to 25 conditions and issues not covered in the first volume, from Angelman Syndrome to colour blindness, self-harm to spina bifida.

One particular benefit is that the books come in a photocopiable format so that if you wish to circulate details of a condition to several colleagues, or indeed to provide information to concerned parents, this is easily achieved.

Full details of the volumes and their contents are to be found on

Cost of these resources:

  • £25 plus £2 postage and packaging (if one book purchased)
  • £40 plus £4 postage and packaging (if two books purchased)

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