The perfect parents’ evening – and how to achieve it

In the perfect parents’ evening everything runs without any hitches.

In the perfect parents’ evening every parent gets allocated a time slot which is just right for him/her.  And nearly everyone allocated a time turns up in the right place at the right time.

In the perfect parents’ evening no one over runs, and everything moves smoothly from the opening appointment to the final discussion.

And that leaves but one question: how do we create the perfect parents evening?

Here’s the answer:

A parent logs into Parent Teacher Online and then

  1. Enters the time he/she wishes to arrive at the school,
  2. Indicates the teachers he/she wants to see (our software will automatically create the shortest possible schedule),
  3. Receives the interview schedule either digitally or as a printed file.

Which leaves the parent with just one remaining problem: to arrive at the school.  (Sadly, we don’t yet operate a nationwide transport system to help with this point, but we’re working on it.)

Our system takes an average parent 3 minutes to use, at the end of which each parent will have scheduled all of their appointments.

And here’s the bonus:

We are now offering a discount of 20% off the usage fee for the next 2 years if you sign up before the end of July 2013.

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