How a radical change to the school’s website can make a radical change to the school

Every school is different, of course. But when a school finds that a change made to its procedure has a significant effect on its work, then it is worth taking note.

A testimonial from a school that has made a significant change in the way that it works, falls into this category for it does give a real insight into how a product or service can actually affect a school in real life.

In the example below we look at a school’s desire to re-build a website in order to meet the needs of everyone in the school – and to attract those contemplating choosing that school for their child.

The website in question is that of Hornsey School for Girls, London here is what they said:

‘INCO have been able to provide us with a website that is both dynamic and unique to our school. When we approached them with our long list of requirements along with our design brief we were pleased with how quickly they were able to produce our new site.

As well as this, INCO have been exemplary at making lots of changes to our late requests, as well as developing the site to meet our needs further.

We have been extremely happy with our new site and have received lots of compliments from parents and outside agencies who have been able to easily navigate and find the information that they need.

I would happily recommend INCO to any other school or business that is looking for a new website and I look forward to working with them and building a long term partnership with them.’

All of which is good news – but there is more, because we also worked on the school’s prospectus. Here’s what they said in relation to this:

‘INCO designed our new school prospectus based on our ideas and in line with our school ethos and new logo. From the design stage to the photography and then onto to publication. INCO helped us step by step and kept us up to date with progress, delivering our fantastic new prospectus in time for our Open Events for prospective parents.’

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