Manage your network – without the baggage

Is your network management software restrictive and expensive?
CSE Network Toolkit is different, because its uniquely modular structure gives you the flexibility to manage your network the way you want.

Benefits of CSE Network Toolkit include:

  • Flexibility, as you choose only the parts of the modular toolkit that you need.
  • Cost-effectiveness, as you only pay for the modules that you decide to use, and your maintenance agreement includes free version upgrades and support.
  • Sustainability, as Network Toolkit supports Microsoft Server 2003, 2008, 2012, and Windows XP/7/8.
  • It’s designed specifically for education, bringing you the tools you really want without the excess baggage.

If your current network management software is holding you back, Network Toolkit is the answer!

Corpus Christi High School and CSE Network Toolkit
‘There’s much less manual work involved in running the network since we went over to the CSE software, which frees up my time to work more productively. I’m very pleased with the results.’ Mark Letman, Network Manager

Corpus Christi High School moved to CSE Network Toolkit from another supplier’s software in summer 2011. You can read about the school’s experiences in our case study.

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