In the Training Room there is a body lying in a pool of blood.

The students need to grab their evidence gathering tools, don protection suits and head for the training room..

Having seen the body, the students gather the evidence which is spread around them, but of course without in any way contaminating the crime scene.

Instructions and updates are given aurally as well as appearing on in-game plasma TVs. As the investigation progresses students are taken around the Store Room, the Locker Room, the Scene of the Crime, and the Crime Lab itself, finally ending up at the Crown Prosecution Service.

The students use the equipment in the Crime Lab to examine fingerprints, fibres and blood samples taken from the crime scene.

A computer with a scanner within the program can be used to identify the owners of fingerprints. A microscope allows the examination of fibres. The blood is processed using electrophoresis which is represented by a comprehensive animation of the process.

Once the evidence has been gathered and processed the student can forward the findings to the Crown Prosecution Service office where a further task involving the use of gas chromatography can be attempted by students who have the completed the initial processes successfully.

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