Cover Teacher who thinks a tectonic plate is German cuisine?

Make your substitute more effective as a Geography Teacher with ‘Geography’ from our Absent Teacher Worksheet Series.

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The Absent Teacher Worksheet Series (ATWS)

  • Deliverable by non specialists
  • All lessons prepared by experienced subject specialists
  • All texts and instructions written in simple, jargon-free English
  • Photocopiable lessons on one side of A4
  • Stand-alone, self-contained lessons
  • The work takes students a whole class period to complete
  • A range of differentiated tasks, with extension work and homework, in each lesson
  • 30 original worksheets

ATWS Geography contains worksheets on:

Structure of the Earth; Tectonic Activity; Continental Drift; Earthquakes; Volcanic Activity; Weather; Climates; Natural Disasters; Pollution; Communications; Inland Canals; Sea Canals; Railways; Rules for Geography; EU; Nuclear Energy; Hunger; Poverty; Ice; UK/ROI Comparison; Australia; Moving Continents; Canada; Forestry; Japan; Milky Way; Mount Everest; NGO’s; Population.

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The 13th Christopher Tower Poetry competition from Christ Church, University of Oxford

All 16-18 year olds are invited to enter (closing date 1 March 2013) for this year’s competition with its theme of ‘The Details’, judged by Bernard O’Donoghue, Carrie Etter and Peter McDonald.

First prize £3,000; second prize £1,000; third prize £500 and commended entries £250. Winning schools receive £150.

Winning poems from previous years are on the website and the longlisted poems from the last two years plus a list of winning schools.

Over 100 book reviews are published online and forthcoming poetry readings and other events.
Christ Church, St Aldate’s, Oxford, OX1 1DP
phone: 01865 286591
twitter: @TowerPoetry
Facebook: Tower Poetry

What is the best way to handle the ADHD pupil?

No matter how controversial ADHD may become at times, one thing is certain – everyone would like to help the ADHD pupil so that he/she can partake more fully of school activities without disrupting the work of others.

Similarly there cannot be a parent who has an ADHD child who does not wish, at least part of the time, that their child could just settle down and work or even just watch TV, quietly. Just like “normal” children.

It is in response to these feeling of both parents and teachers that Helping ADHD pupils and students through school has been written.

It is a volume that explains succinctly what the latest research on ADHD reveals, and then sets out in great detail exactly how ADHD pupils can be helped and supported in their day to day activities within the school.

There is no assumption in this volume that the ADHD youngster is going to be given a drug treatment to help control the effect of ADHD. The effects of ADHD drugs such as Ritalin are explained, but the materials and plans given here will work with those who have don’t have any medication, those who have it, but are not affected by it all day, and with those who are constantly medicated while at school.

A fundamental view of the book is that the best approach for any ADHD child is one in which the parents and school can work together with a common purpose to help the young person – and with this in mind there is a substantial section of material at the end of the book that can be copied and passed on to parents.

This parental section contains both explanations and practical approaches to dealing with the ADHD child at home.

Of course, we all recognise that not every ADHD child’s parents will be able to work in the organised and controlled manner that will help ADHD pupils, and therefore we work within the school-based sections, from the basis that although parental support is ideal, it doesn’t always happen.

What is essential is that everyone who deals with an ADHD young person understands what ADHD is, how to distinguish it from other forms of excessive behaviour and how to work positively with these young people for their benefit, without disturbing the rest of the school.

The book looks at individual behaviour, plus issues such as rewards, punishments, handling special days when behaviour may be exacerbated, overcoming impulsiveness, homework, where ADHD people can succeed and do well, ADHD and responsibility, and sport, the arts and other activities.

Helping ADHD pupils and students through school by Tony Attwood is available as a photocopiable book or on CD Rom which can itself be copied or loaded onto the school’s learning platform or intranet.

ISBN: 978 1 86083 855 2 Order code: T1789emn – please quote with order.

Sample pages can be viewed at

  • Photocopiable report in a ring binder, £24.95 plus £3.95 delivery
  • CD with school-wide rights: £24.95 plus £3.95 delivery
  • Both the Ring Binder and the CD £31.94 plus £3.95 delivery
  • Prices include VAT.

You can purchase the report…


Changing the way students think

It has become commonplace to point out that the students in class today will spend their working lives undertaking tasks that do not yet exist using technology that has not yet been imagined.

But meanwhile they need to pass exams – and so our exam-focussed secondary curriculum continues.

And it is clear that, no matter what subject is to be studied, the ability to respond to any question with rational argument and the ability to see through false arguments is fundamental.

“Critical Thinking” by Roy van den Brink-Budgen looks at arguments and analyses what arguments are, which types of argument are valid, and which not.

It analyses, in a manner that every sixth former can fully grasp, the way in which arguments are structured and the assumptions that are made in putting forward arguments. Evidence and the truth, facts and judgements all come under the microscope, followed by an analysis of the limits of persuasiveness.

But Critical Thinking is more than just dismantling and evaluating other people’s arguments. It is also involved in the production of the student’s own arguments. It encourages students to develop their arguments in essays, reports, debates, etc, and helps them be prepared to stand back and assess their own reasoning.

Working through this book students will grasp that point, they will look at arguments afresh and understand the way in which arguments can be erected and dismantled.

In short this is a book that is essential in the classroom; it will change the way students think, change the way they study, and change the way in which they approach their exams.

The volume can be bought as a photocopiable book or on CD Rom.

You can see some sample pages at

Publisher’s reference: T1792EMN ISBN: 978 1 86083 875 0


  • Photocopiable report in a book, £19.95 plus £3.95 delivery
  • CD with school-wide rights: £19.95 plus £3.95 delivery
  • Both the book and the CD £26.94 plus £3.95 delivery

Prices include VAT.

You can purchase the report… please quote the order ref: T1792EMN

Cross Curricular Art

Cross curricular teaching creates an exciting learning environment in which to engage pupils. The Art Department is ideally placed for this as art is a diverse subject, allowing teachers easily to make connections across subjects and to be as creative as they wish in their delivery.

This KS3 book contains over 40 project sheets and links art to seven different subject areas. Within the Art, RE and Citizenship section, for example, there are projects which encourage pupils to consider what makes a good citizen, faiths and communities, the architecture of Gaudi and other design ideas. Project sheets can be printed out onto A3 paper for pupils to use as required.

By using skill and knowledge acquired in other subjects and building upon them within the art environment pupils have enormous scope to express themselves through the use of a variety of materials.

Cross Curricular Art is available as a black and white copiable book with an accompanying CD. Project sheets can be printed out onto A3 paper for pupils to use as required.

ISBN: 978 1 86083 799 9
Price: £24.95 plus £3.95 delivery.

You can order in four different ways. In each case please quote our reference T1765emn. Sample pages and a contents list can be viewed prior to ordering on

What’s the most effective way to help an NQT, support teacher and other colleagues with behaviour management?

Some behaviour management books run to hundreds of pages, and if you are writing a thesis on the subject or running courses for other teachers they might be exactly what you need.

But sometimes there is a need to go back to the beginning – especially if you are looking to help NQTs, support staff or other colleagues who are having some difficulties in the classroom.

It’s for this reason we have produced Behaviour Management: or what do I do now?

The aim of the booklet is simple – to set out the basics in behaviour management in a short simple format, so that anyone interested can take the information and transform their work in the classroom immediately.

The focus is the simple question: “What do I do with young people who have anger and behaviour issues?” It is in fact a straightforward first information pack for staff who are looking to make progress in this own classroom environment.

The booklet covers such topics as “The Conflict Cycle”, aggressive signs and signals, ways of managing anger, the “solid relationship”, the “CALM” technique, body language etc etc.

Behaviour Management: What do I do now? is published as a download so that you can receive immediately a copy onto your computer which you can print out for colleagues as often as you want. You can also put it on your school learning platform so all staff can access the document – and indeed you can make it part of the induction documentation for new members of staff.

You can obtain Behaviour Management: What do I do Now? by going to

The price is £10 plus VAT (the VAT can be reclaimed in most cases by the school).

Behaviour Management is published by First and Best in Education, part of the Hamilton House group. If you have any enquiries you can call 01536 399 011, or email or write to us at First and Best, Hamilton House, Earlstrees Ct., Earlstrees Rd., Corby, Northants NN17 4HH.

The full range of First and Best books can be seen at
First and Best in Education
Earlstrees Road
NN17 4HH




From The Sex Pistols to Lady Gaga

This resource provides a structured foundation to studying popular music and considers the changing strategies employed by the industry to attract fans.

Employing three very different case studies from different periods, it guides students through consideration of cultural, industrial and technological issues.

From punk band the Sex Pistols the resource moves on to the TV talent show created group Girls’ Aloud, ending with pop phenomenon Lady Gaga.

The presentation moves through distinct ages of media change and provides discussion points of a variety of media issues such as representation, institution and audience.

This resource contains 104 PowerPoints on a CD. Once purchased the CD can be freely copied and networked throughout the school.

To see sample pages please email quoting the order code 5330.

The price is £49.99 + VAT and you can order the WJEC A2 Media – MS4 Pop Music Presentation CD in any of these ways:

  • On our website
  • By phone on 0117 940 6409
  • By fax on 0117 940 6408
  • By email (quoting a school order number) to
  • By post to: Classroom Resources, PO Box 1489, Bristol, BS99 3QJ

A 3d Immersive simulation of a training school for crime scene officers

For most students such information they have about crime scenes before taking the BTEC Science Unit 13 comes from detective dramas on TV.

Which presents a problem. For although some of the depictions of crime scenes and crime solving on TV are accurate (at least up to a point), virtually all such programmes focus as much on the quirky (or even dysfunctional) personalities of the police officers and/or private detective as they do on the crime scene.

But in Crime Scene Investigation School the balance is reversed. The personal difficulties of the investigating officers are set aside and instead all focus is on the Crime Scene itself.

We start in the Training Room where there is a body lying in a pool of blood.

Having seen this, the students have to gather the evidence around them, without in any way contaminating the crime scene. And it is not as easy as it sounds.

Instructions are given aurally and written (on in-game plasma TVs) and take the students around the Store Room, the Locker Room, the Scene of the Crime, and the Crime Lab.

The students use the equipment on hand to examine fibres found at the scene and the DNA ‘fingerprints’ from a blood sample. A computer with a scanner within the program can be used to identify the owners of fingerprints:

Once the evidence is gathered and processed the student can forward the findings to the Crown Prosecution Service office where a further goal involving the use of gas chromatography can be attempted by students who have the completed the initial tasks successfully.

You can see the game in much more detail at You then need to click on CSI School for BTEC Science in the left hand panel or click on the main picture.

Alternately, for more information call us on 01926 850909 or email us at

12 days of Christmas giveaway

If you could ask for one gift from Santa this year, what would it be? We think that many busy teachers would choose the gift of Time. Christmas is a hectic time in schools and it can be challenging to juggle professional and personal commitments at this time of year.

Sign up for a FREE trial with Teaching Resources UK and you can save hundreds of planning hours, while delivering thought-provoking lessons with instantly downloadable lesson plans, activities, worksheets and more!

We guarantee to save you time but as an extra gift this Christmas, we are giving away twelve memberships to Teaching Resources UK in our ‘12 Days of Christmas Competition’. Not only that, everyone who signs up for a FREE trial will receive a selection box as a gift from us.

Competition details

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Twelve reasons to join today…

1. Hundreds of teaching resources for key stages 3 and 4 to give you more planning time

2. Instantly downloadable activities available when you need them available for the whole school

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4. Tried and tested lesson plans, covering hundreds of topics

5. Interactive media, including videos, for student engagement

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…and a partridge in a pear tree!

Enter the ’12 Days of Christmas Competition’ today and win a 12 month membership. Sign up for your FREE trial here and you will automatically entered into the draw.

Please see the website for full competition terms

AS Geography Student Workbook: Unit 1 World at Risk

This workbook aims to provide students with a revision aid for the ‘World at Risk’ element of Unit 1: Global Challenges paper for Edexcel A-level.

The first part of the workbook provides students with focused questions closely linked to the specification content to test their knowledge.

Section 2 allows students to practise the application of this knowledge against past exam questions.

The final section allows students to compare their answers not only against the mark scheme but also against an exam answer.

The volume is only available as a download – not as a printed book.

There are sample pages at

AS Geography Student Workbook: Unit 1 World at Risk is published as a download so that you can receive immediately a copy onto your computer which you can print out for colleagues as often as you want. You can also put it on your school learning platform so all staff can access the document – and indeed you can make it part of the induction documentation for new members of staff.

You can obtain AS Geography Student Workbook: Unit 1 World at Risk by going to

The price is £10 plus VAT (the VAT can be reclaimed in most cases by the school).

AS Geography Student Workbook: Unit 1 World at Risk is published by First and Best in Education, part of the Hamilton House group. If you have any enquiries you can call 01536 399 011, or email or write to us at First and Best, Hamilton House, Earlstrees Ct., Earlstrees Rd., Corby, Northants NN17 4HH.

For other Geography revision guides that can be bought as download from First and Best please go to
First and Best in Education
Earlstrees Road
NN17 4HH


What’s the simplest way to ensure that all form time sessions are exciting, informative, educational and engaging?

Creating a new form time activity each week is not necessarily difficult, but it can take time, and it is occasionally the case that form time is not used as fully as it might be..

Of course there are many form time programmes that have been produced commercially – but with these it is not always clear what one will get if making a purchase.

Which is why we offer all our form time activities on a free trial basis. What’s more, if you ask for a trial, you get to choose which lessons you see – not the ones we have chosen for you.

We’ve created a series of KS3 and KS4 form time plans that can be used throughout the year. Each includes a PDF overview and a PowerPoint presentation.

Topics currently include…

Active careers (2 activities)
Alcohol (12 activities)
Credit crunch (6 activities)
Critical consumers (4 activities)
Democracy (7 activities)
Diversity (3 activities)
Economic ideas (7 activities)
Enterprise (5 activities)
Enterprise and the community (3 activities)
Enterprise skills (3 activities)
Gap year introduction (4 activities)
Gap year volunteering (2 activities)
Human rights (7 activities)
The media (6 activities)
Options in year 9 (7 activities)
Prejudice (4 activities)
Revision (4 activities)
SkillsActive professional skills resources (6 activities)
The stock exchange (4 activities)
Preparing for work (5 activities)
Thinking about work (3 activities)

If you would like to have the resources for a completely free 14 day trial, with no obligation to buy, please visit And if you would like unlimited access to all our resources for the whole school we are now offering this at £299.99 (annual subscription).

Teaching children about Scotland: the books to help you help them

‘The Curriculum for Excellence encourages teachers to use their professional expertise and creativity to show how subjects can be linked, just as they are in life and work.’ (The Scottish Government)

National Museum Scotland’s Scottie books present a seriously fun way of teaching 7-10 year olds about Scotland and give them an engaging learning experience. The series provides links between different areas of the curriculum – social sciences, sciences, languages and religious and moral education  – and brings the past to life to inform the present.

Scotties are exciting, full-colour 48pp-information books containing a wealth of interesting facts, stimulating activities, illustrations and photographs, plus lists of places of interest and selected websites. Many of the photographs are of objects held in National Museums Scotland or other collections.

Unless otherwise stated, each title includes an 8pp black/white section of activities photocopiable for classroom use.

Titles available: The Clans (Gordon Jarvie) / The Covenanters (Claire Watts) / Greyfriars Bobby: A Tale of Victorian Edinburgh (Frances & Gordon Jarvie)/ Flight in Scotland (Frances & Gordon Jarvie) / The Jacobites (for 10-12s, activities section not photocopiable Antony Kamm) / Mary, Queen of Scots (Elizabeth Douglas) / Robert Burns in Time and Place (Frances & Gordon Jarvie) / The Romans in Scotland (Frances Jarvie) / Scotland’s Vikings  (Gordon & Frances Jarvie) / Scottish Kings and Queens (Elizabeth Douglas) / Scottish Rocks and Fossils (Alan & Moira McKirdy) / Supernatural Scotland (Eileen Dunlop)

Titles coming soon / in the pipeline: There Shall Be a Scottish Parliament (February 2013 Frances & Gordon Jarvie) Scottish Explorers (February 2013 Antony Kamm) / Pirate Tales from Scotland (tbc Antony Kamm / Scottish Environments (tbc Alan & Moira McKirdy)

If you have any suggestions for subjects we might cover please let us know:

Series editors: Gordon and Frances Jarvie have many years’ experience of primary school teaching and lecturing. Between them they are also the authors of seven titles in the series.


Robert Burns in Time and Place: ‘This book is entertaining because there’s super quizzes in the book to keep you busy.’ P4 school pupil

Greyfriars Bobby: ‘This is a useful resource for those who like to know the story behind the story, and for studying local history.’ School Librarian

The Jacobites: The text is intelligent and clear, with a huge amount of information fitted into a few words. … I cannot recommend it too highly’ History Teaching Review

Mary Queen of Scots: ‘ … an excellent book, the extras are fun for children with good pictures.’ P4 school pupil

The Covenanters: ‘This concise and interesting publication, yet another useful publication by National Museums Scotland in their Scottie range, is a most excellent place to start to gain an overview of the Covenanter movement.’ History Teaching Review

See the books online at:

Prices and how to buy

All Scottie titles retail at £5.99. They are available from your educational supplier, from our online shop as above, or direct from the publisher. If you order 5+ books  direct a 20% discount (plus p/p) will apply.

NMS Enterprises Limited – Publishing, National Museums Scotland, Chambers Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1JF    0131 247 4026

Is it possible for stories from 400 years ago to offer parallels with the lives of teenagers today?

The answer is undoubtedly yes.

Take, for example, Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth and A Midsummer Night’s Dream – between them they offer extraordinary insights into the issues that that have been faced across time.

Unfortunately the language used in these masterpieces of literature are often a barrier when it comes to using the plays with pupils as part of our reference to the universality of the problems and issues that people face.

Overcome this problem and we have the perfect teaching resource through which the for-better-or-for-worse decisions that everyone has to face. Students can then explore the various courses of action that both they and characters can take.

In short the students watch the characters’ mistakes and learn from them, without having to interpret the language that Shakespeare used in writing the plays.

Working with Will is a scheme of work for PSHE teachers where the topics on the KS3 and KS4 curricula are explored.

Working with Will is also a scheme of work for English teachers and works as an introduction to text analysis in English literature lessons for key stages 3 and 4.

The 179 page volume contains three schemes of work – each of which can stand alone – with a series of lesson plans that can be used sequentially or can be dipped in and out of in any order. It also comes with a free CD containing the text of the book plus PowerPoints to use with the lessons.

The author offers workshops on Working with Will – please click here for more information.

Cat No: 978 1 86083 890 3
Order code: T1796emn – please quote with order.
Sample pages can be viewed at

Price: Photocopiable report in a ring binder plus CD, £29.95 plus £3.95 delivery

You can purchase the report…

CSIE training in spring 2013 Outstanding outcomes for all

CSIE training in spring 2013
Outstanding outcomes for all      

–      Birmingham 7th March 2013

–      Leeds 14th March 2013

Book Now

Outstanding outcomes for all       

About the workshop:

Are all pupils at your school fully aware of different forms of bullying, including prejudice-based bullying, and actively try to prevent it from occurring? Does every member of your school community feel safe at school and would they confidently say so if asked? Ofsted’s report “No place for bullying” (June 2012) suggests that lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) and disabled pupils bear the brunt of bullying in schools. Do all staff at your school feel well-equipped to tackle homophobic and disablist bullying? If the answer to any of these questions is ‘no’, this workshop is for you.


This workshop aims to do more than simply help schools fulfil their statutory duties or do well in an Ofsted inspection. It is a practical, “hands on” workshop designed to be engaging and constructive. It will: provide key information on the Equality Act 2010 and its implications for schools; support participants to explore everyday life in school through the lens of equality; and enable participants to: a) present to parents, staff, governors or inspectors a clear rationale for development; and b) work collaboratively to improve the experience of members of their school community at risk of marginalisation or discrimination.

Who should attend:

  • teachers
  • headteachers
  • inclusion managers
  • other senior leadership staff
  • learning supporters
  • governors
  • other people interested in doing more than paying lip service to equality in schools


This workshop aims to:

  • provide an overview of the Equality Act and its implications for schools;
  • explore lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and disability equality;
  • help improve the experience of LGBT and disabled members of the school community.


At the end of this workshop participants will be able to:

  • recognise how the Equality Act protects LGBT and disabled people;
  • be aware of the different ways in which disability is understood;
  • develop confidence and language for speaking about LGBT and disability equality;
  • identify stereotypes and prejudices facing LGBT and disabled people in schools;
  • describe barriers to learning and participation for LGBT and disabled people in their own school;
  • work collaboratively to improve the experience of LGBT and disabled members, or potential members, of their school community;
  • present to parents, staff, governors or inspectors a clear rationale for change;
  • recognise how LGBT and disability equality are evaluated by Ofsted inspectors.


Outstanding outcomes for all


       £45 +vat
(total – £54)


       Dates and Venues


       Thursday 7 March 2013, 1:30 – 4:00 pm
Carrs Lane Church Centre, Carrs Lane
Birmingham B4 7SX



       Thursday 14 March 2013, 1:30 am– 4:00 pm
Quaker Meeting House, 188 Wood Lane
Leeds LS2 9DX


       Book Now



Feedback from autumn CSIE workshops:

“Well presented and thought provoking”

“Knowledgeable credible facilitators”

“Valued time for reflection – thinking in a ‘safe’ environment”

“Presenter was excellent – very informative and enthusiastic”

The very best science and maths entertainment for schools

Science teachers know how difficult it can be to plan their activities for National Science and Engineering Week in March.

It can be a struggle to find a good quality in-school presentation. Sometimes the science is good, but the presentation lets it down. Or the presenter is engaging, but the science is a bit thin. And with so many providers available online, it’s impossible to tell who the genuine professionals are.

SciEnts is a new ‘one-stop shop’ for schools looking to book an entertaining science or maths show. It features only experienced, engaging presenters offering professional levels of service who will be happy to appear at your school or science week event. There are 20 to choose from, covering various STEM subjects and performance skills:  from musicians and magicians to actors and stuntspeople.

An in-school science or maths show supports busy teachers by offering amazing curriculum-linked shows for their students. The site features only experienced, engaging presenters offering professional levels of service. They are all willing to travel UK-wide and all come with an enhanced CRB and adequate public liability insurance. The site allows teachers quickly to select from primary and secondary and also gives guidance for teachers about booking and making their STEM engagement day run well.

Ameoba to Zebra, Ian Dunne, Simon Watt, Visualise and David Hall use the power of theatre to tell a story of science which charms and engages audiences of any age or ability. Former science teachers-turned-Circus performers, James Soper and Dr Ken dazzle their audiences with a combination of physics and high-energy circus skills.

If maths is more your cup of tea, we have several performers with specifically maths-oriented shows. Rob Eastaway can show you mind-reading tricks based on maths from his numerous books, Colin Wright demonstrates the maths of juggling, Matt Pritchard uses his maths magician skills and Bubblz the Maths Clown introduces maths to younger audiences.

The secrets of our universe can be explained through the musical performances of Doctor Lewney through rock guitar, or modern day rap with Jon Chase, or through a magical atmosphere of a darkened dome. Or if you fancy an explosion of science through adventure and stunts try Huw James, Fran Scott, Matthew Tosh or one-man-zoo, Mike Leahy.

Last but not least, the ‘science made simple’ team, Becky Holmes and David Price bring their unique blend of enthusiasm to igniting your pupils’ natural curiosity for science through busking and storytelling in the classroom.

Bringing a real scientist, engineer or mathematician into the classroom provides a direct link of personal experience between science and maths in the classroom and the world outside. If you want to genuinely engage children or adults with profound and practical science and maths for a reasonable price, you simply can’t beat a professional science show. All our performers are flexible and experienced enough to ensure your event goes smoothly and successfully, even if you’ve never hosted one before.

SciEnts offers only the very best performers via a single, easy-to-use web page:


How to ensure teenagers stay alert and secure online

For many young people, parents and teachers exist primarily to stop them doing what they want to do.

According to this view, parents and teachers are out of touch with modern reality, full of “don’t” messages because they don’t actually understand what is going on.

So unless we can demonstrate knowledge of the facts and show young people that we understand the issues they face, little progress can be made.

One issue that is rarely out of the news is that of cyberspace and the dangers that exist online. Sadly, much of what goes on in cyberspace is unregulated. While regulations may control what happens in the US and EU, there is often little control over what is done in many other parts of the world.

And quite often it is hard to tell whether messages are legitimate or not.

So we need to remind young people that, as in all walks of life, there are malicious people dwelling in cyberspace, whose aim is to cause damage and destruction just for the hell of it, procuring young people for sex, and conning the unwary out of money.

The resource Personal Safety in Cyberspace examines these issues and answers all the questions students and pupils might have.

It highlights the dangers that lurk within a computer, tablet, PDA, laptop or mobile phone.

It also identifies ways to protect users from destructive cyber-villains and it includes sections on malware (such as viruses, Trojans and worms), spam email, cyber-bullying (bullying by email and text), phishing, spyware, email hoaxes, website hacking and financial scams.

This resource is available as a hard copy or an ebook and free sample pages are available on our website.

You can order Personal Safety in Cyberspace in any of these ways:

Running a Business is a doddle. Isn’t it?

In the 1980’s Polly Peck and Ratners were widely used as case studies on how a perfect business should be run, clearly as time has progressed this perhaps was not true.

In the 90’s and Noughties there were lots of highly successful businesses that started on a shoestring with just an idea and went on to make millions (think Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook). With top TV programmes like Young Apprentice business is now really cool.

In order that children can gain practical experience of how a business works we have put together a series of exercises called The Smoothie Enterprise Challenge. This is an exciting and engaging business simulation where pupils get the opportunity to run their own small business. Their task is to create, design, advertise and sell a new Smoothie.

The children work in small teams and take on the management roles in the business. They agree a name for their Smoothie, design a logo and company strapline, conduct some very tasty market research, cost out their products and then design all the marketing materials. Each team then delivers a presentation to a panel of ‘supermarket buyers’ who will invest in their favourite brand. Working to tight deadlines gives the activity a ‘real’ business flavour.

The ‘Smoothie Enterprise Challenge’ is suitable for Upper KS1 and KS2.

The learning outcomes are: to understand and experience some of the key tasks in running a business, to develop and apply key skills on a ‘real’ business project, to enhance english, maths and art work, to develop social skills and have fun whilst working as part of a team.

This resource contains clear teacher guidance notes that explain how to run the exercises, a pre-event lesson plan so children will understand the vocabulary used, 6 exercises all with colourful student worksheets and a resources checklist which covers each exercise.

There are more details at…

You can pay and download the exercise direct from our website using our secure Paypal system. Or you may wish to pay with either a cheque or a purchase order number. Simply e-mail your purchase order number to and we will e-mail the exercise to you along with the invoice for payment.

Nationally Acclaimed “Hands On” Stage Lighting Workshops Special offer this term and spring term

This nationally acclaimed “hands on” stage lighting workshop led by Professional Lighting Designer John Watson. This is a workshop that will definitely inspire and help your students get to grips with stage lighting and improve their grades as well.      

With the use of a massive 2.5metre  tall model stage built up by the students, they will have “hands on “  and explore real Flood lights, Fresnels, Profile spots, gobos, and  new LED lighting,  create fire and water effects. With flown scenery and  “west end sets” this is a workshop your students will never forget!

Don’t take my word for it, here are some reviews by drama teachers of the workshops.

“John’s workshop was the reverse of peeling away at onion layers, he literally built the “layers” of a theatre in front of our eyes and then using totally interactive techniques showed us the “hows and whys” of lighting.  This was learning that was digestible, kinesthetic, revelatory and fun!” Thank you again for a fantastic day today.(16th Nov 12)..I felt it was pitched really well for our students.  I will certainly recommend you on to colleagues. Ms Nancy  McClean   Head of Drama  The Royal Grammar School, Guildford 16th Nov 12

SPECIAL OFFER  £199 to schools this term and Spring term

For In-school workshop fees. 1st workshop has to be 3 hours, normally £250,  now  offer price £199

 (for up to 40 students.)     If you want a 2nd workshop if on the same day 2 hours @ £150

Travel cost will be charged, no vat on workshop fee. 

Relevant for: GCSE , A & AS level Theatre studies and GNVQ, Btech,

 Plus   “get into technical theatre” taster event for younger students, and your technical teams.        


John was short-listed for the Innovative Workshop of the Year award (2003) and now several years on it’s even more exciting!  


          Book now email: or call John on the number below.  


 “Superb! Outstanding presentation was highly appreciated by all our pupils and has inspired them and me to design lighting for our productions with more confidence and ambition.”  Dermot Murphy Head of Drama Testwood School Totton Southampton

This lighting workshop certainly had the wow factor! The best student based workshop I have ever had. Carol Evans Alder School Tameside

Booking  (call anytime)  01773 712130  mobile 07966 491 543 





Inset days and technical advice, refurbishments, and training.

John Watson is a member of the Association of Lighting Designers


Creative Lighting Design Ltd 9 Market Place, Heanor, Derbyshire DE75 7AA

Free removal of your old and broken computer equipment before Christmas

Imagine a company that goes into schools and removes unwanted IT equipment free of charge.

Now imagine a company that does more, such as data wiping and making sure the disposal is environmentally friendly.

And finally imagine a company that will pick up virtually everything unwanted in IT, from computers to telecoms, from monitors to cables. And who will do it before Christmas if that is what you want.

And to make it clear:

First of all, PRM really does offer a free service. There are no charges.

Second, we treat everything in the most environmentally friendly way possible, in keeping with school sustainable education programmes.

Third, all the data on the drives is wiped to the highest standards possible. In fact, on this issue we go further, for we clean out all the data from the drives, and then all the equipment is then recycled within the UK – all without any charge.

The only requirement we have is that you have at least 30 items for collection and that they are all gathered together in one easily accessible place for our driver to pick up.

We can take PC base units, CRT monitors, TFT monitors, servers, laptops, server racks, switches, telecom switches and printers. Indeed as long as you have 30 of these items we will take away other IT equipment at the same time, such as keyboards, cabling and telecoms.

At the end of the process we issue you with free certification evidence so you can see that the correct procedures were complied with.

For more information please call our freephone number: 0800 840 9195 or fill in the form by clicking here And if you want us to collect before Christmas give us a ring – our last collection date is 21st December.

Geography Starters

Starter activities can be invaluable to you as a teacher. They help you to achieve one or more of the following:

  • Engage the pupils as soon as they enter the room, preventing instances of boredom that can lead to poor behaviour.
  • Set the tone for the rest of the lesson. The pupils have engaged in work right from the start.
  • Demonstrate your expectations of the pupils and set a routine. As soon as the pupils enter your classroom they will start work.
  • Recap the main ideas or key words from the previous lesson.
  • Pass on any general geography ideas or skills that you otherwise don’t get time to teach.
  • Get the pupils brains going and instil some motivation.
  • Challenge the pupils in a fun way that makes them look forward to the next one.
  • Challenge the pupils against one another in an enjoyable way.
  • Give yourself the chance to get ready anything you might need for the lesson, or take the register.

Geography Starters is a set of starter activities – crosswords, puzzles, wordsearches, etc – designed for pupils at KS3. It is provided in a photocopiable format so that sheets can be copied and given out to pupils as required – and obviously re-used as much as you wish. Answer sheets are provided.

You can see a full list of the topics and some sample pages at

Publisher’s reference: T1717EMN ISBN: 978 1 86083 722 7


  • Photocopiable report in a ring binder, £24.95 plus £3.95 delivery
  • CD with school-wide rights: £24.95 plus £3.95 delivery
  • Both the Ring Binder and the CD £31.94 plus £3.95 delivery

Prices include VAT.

You can purchase the report… please quote the order ref: T1717EMN


HP 635 laptops at around half price, plus amazing offers on Toshiba and other HP machines and security products

We guarantee the lowest prices on: PCs, servers, laptops, netbooks, tablets, projectors, storage, workstations, consumables …

Let us know what you are looking to buy and we’ll come back to you with special prices to save you money.

Our latest special offers include:

HP 635 B0W85ES AMD E-450 4GB 500GB DVDRW 15.6TFT CAM BT W7 PRO
£245 + VAT

Toshiba NB500-12X PLL50E-04W012EN Atom N455 1GB 320GB 10.1” CAM
£168 + VAT

HP 4540S B6N83EA i3-2370M 4GB 320GB DVDRW 15.6TFT BT CAM FPR W7PRO
£355 + VAT

HP 650 B6N63EA Intel Pentium B970 4GB 500GB DVDRW 15.6” CAM CASE W7HP
£250 + VAT

HP Care Pack UK707A 3Yr Pickup and Return NB Only SVC
£24 + VAT

HP PC Tower P3405 QB242EA AMD A4-3420 2GB 500GB DVDRW W7Pro
£ 258 + VAT

To receive the special discount for schools for any of the above products, all you need to do is quote
“eshot offer 44″.

For any quotes please contact us:

Raising grades at A-Level and IB French

If there is one thing that can readily take a student up a grade it is vocabulary.

Which is why we have produced a resource pack which covers a wide range of French language exercises, which aim to reinforce and expand vocabulary.

The worksheets provide students with valuable language and reading practice. The resource also contain the necessary words and phrases that students need to speak and write confidently and with authenticity.

They can be used in class or as homework tasks. Model answers are also included for each page.

The vocabulary and language tasks can also be used by teachers as benchmark tests to monitor their students’ progress throughout the A-Level and IB French course.

A grand total of 19 different language points are covered, including:

  • Les définitions
  • Les synonymes
  • Les homonymes
  • Les antonymes
  • Les expressions idiomatiques avec les nombres
  • Les expressions idiomatiques avec les parties du corps
  • Les expressions idiomatiques avec les couleurs
  • Les erreurs courantes en français
  • Les faux-amis
  • Les niveaux de langue
  • Le langage de la rue
  • Les paronymes
  • Les homographes
  • Les prépositions
  • Les conjonctions de coordination
  • Les conjonctions de subordination
  • Les conjonctions de subordination suivies de l’infinitif
  • Les adverbes de temps
  • La différence entre nombre, numéro et chiffre

This resource contains 51 copiable pages which are available as PDF downloads or as a PDF or editable Word files on a CD. The price of £29.99 + VAT is the same for all formats.

Once purchased the CD can be freely copied and networked throughout the school.

To see sample pages please email quoting the order code 9223.

You can order the Essential French Language Practice for A-Level and International Baccalaureate French in any of these ways:

  • On our website
  • By phone on 0117 940 6409
  • By fax on 0117 940 6408
  • By email (quoting a school order number) to
  • By post to: Classroom Resources, PO Box 1489, Bristol, BS99 3QJ