What is the most powerful learning and developmental tool that everyone can use?

The answer to the question posed above is both simple and deceptive!

In fact the answer is “self-evaluation”. People who are able to evaluate their own work and their own performance can become more highly motivated and more highly engaged in their own learning than anyone else.

But self-evaluation is not common sense. It is possible to evaluate and mislead oneself at the same time. Instead of development and improvement being a result of the evaluation, self-deception leads to a lack of motivation and development.

This issue is of supreme importance as Ofsted now looks at how schools use self-evaluation to develop and improve.

The reason is that Ofsted recognises that the “quality of the self-evaluation is an indicator of calibre of the school’s leaders and managers and the school’s capacity to improve.”

In other words, Ofsted puts great store by the way the leadership of a school uses self-evaluation and review to improve teaching, because such self-evaluation, when used properly, really can work. In the simplest of terms it provides a benchmark as to how much schools are improving.

One way of developing self-evaluation in your school while showing Ofsted that you are on top of this issue is to use the specially prepared Classwatch video which has led some commentators to suggest that they have learned more in 30 minutes about their teaching than in the previous decade.

The Classwatch video reveals how and why teachers are using Classwatch in their schools for self-evaluation and the sharing of best practice.

With the Classwatch video system colleagues can observe a lesson remotely, and all teachers have an opportunity for self-evaluation. The lesson can then be reviewed and discussed with the teacher so that great lessons can be shared with other teachers in your school

You can watch a short video on our website to see testimonials from the teachers who are already using Classwatch – and hear what they say about their experiences.

Additionally you can click the link below to see why Classwatch is now in 330 classrooms (and rising) around the UK.

There is also an information sheet and a brochure with full details of how the Classwatch video system could work in your school. Please click here to arrange for a copy to be sent to you or to arrange a free demo at your school and at your convenience.

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Andrew Jenkins