Chronic Behaviour Problems DVD By Dave Stott

Reduce chronic behaviour problems before they develop further

Pupils with chronic behaviour problems view the classroom as their stage and each lesson as an opportunity to practise their disruptive skills. The ‘drip drip’ effect on both the pupil and the morale of the teacher can be immense. It interrupts the whole learning environment and, if not addressed, chronic behaviour problems can escalate into acute and severe problems.

With this DVD you learn powerful strategies to:

• Reduce incidents of chronic misbehaviour
• De-escalate, rather than escalate, the situation
• Encourage pupils to make good decisions about behaviour and return to ‘on-task’ behaviour

Section 1 outlines the difference between chronic and acute behaviour problems. You explore the effects of chronic issues, particularly on the teacher, in terms of self-esteem, professional competence, interruption to learning, anger and frustration.

Section 2 demonstrates practical examples of ‘off-task’ behaviour problems such as fidgeting and lack of attention (disruptive and non-disruptive), agitated
movement, bringing the wrong equipment, wearing the wrong uniform, calling
out, leaving the seat, interrupting the learning of others by chatting or
making physical contact, and refusal to comply with clear instructions.

You explore a hierarchy of responses involving:

• Physical proximity
• Proximity praise
• Secret signals
• Location change
• Work order change
• Rewards and consequences

Section 3 examines how to increase the level and effectiveness of your
responses if chronic behaviour still persists. You explore practical examples of one-to-one conferences, planning your approach, working in partnership with colleagues, parents and carers, benchmarking behaviour and monitoring progress.

Section 4 is a question and answer session with the studio audience, and
includes a final review of suggested strategies.

Total running time: 60 minutes.

Also included are handouts and useful discussion points as a pdf on the disc.

This DVD is also available as an intranet version which can be stored on your
server and allows easy access to everyone in the establishment.

Suitable for use in both primary and secondary schools and is priced at £50.00 + VAT.

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