Martin Luther King Jr used church money to pay for prostitutes and subsequently beat them

When you search for Martin Luther King on Google the first page of the results of the search lists a website which contains this story. The site claims to give a true historic examination of Martin Luther King and provides material for students to download for use in their studies.

If you delve a little deeper into the origins of the site in question you find it is hosted by a white supremacist group and appears to be a veiled attack on King’s reputation and the Civil Rights Movement in general.

Whether or not you are covering Martin Luther King with your students at the moment is not really relevant, nor is the truth or otherwise of this story. What is relevant is that it illustrates the difficulty of ensuring that your students can be sure that what they are using in their research is factually correct and accurate.

A recent study found that 48% of teachers had regular discussions (arguments) with their students on the accuracy of information presented in work that had been based on material obtained via the internet.

It is with this issue in mind that we developed Autology. Autology is an educational search engine, but contains so much more. All content is verified and mapped to the curriculum allowing students to find the information they want, with the added guarantee that what they are finding is quality information.

Autology contains many resources for AS and A level from leading publishers. This includes 118 text books from Heinemann, 123 text books from Letts & Lonsdale, 9 Encyclopaedias from World Book, over 1,000 educational websites indexed to the curriculum, plus the content from regional learning grids.

As a result students still use the same amount of time as before, but now that time is focussed on retrieving and using high quality information.

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