Motivating students through a renewed sense of achievement

Bower Grove Special School in Kent recently undertook an experiment in which they introduced a number of their pupils to the world of sublimation printing.

The sublimation system was used by the students to design and manufacture fabric sun glasses cases which were sold at the summer fair (although this is only one of a number of products that can be designed and produced in this way. Bags, mugs, key rings and t-shirts are among the other products that can be produced on this equipment).

One can easily imagine the level of motivation that arose as a result of this activity – not least because the resultant cases were of industry standard quality.

Indeed all students can take a feeling of pride from their achievements, and this never more so than when the student produces something utterly different from the norm. The ‘wow’ factor hit the students big time and became a major part of their educational experience.

In order to do this, just one piece of equipment is needed – the sublimation printer.

To get started with sublimation you will need a Ricoh printer, sublimation paper, SubliJet-R dye sublimation high capacity ink cartridges and a heat press for flat material. And to make life easy we offer starter packs for schools that include all of the above, details of which can be found on our website.

Our full list of consumables is available by clicking here.

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