Pleasing Ofsted with homework

What is the simplest way of improving
the school’s Ofsted report?

If there is an issue that every Ofsted inspector is almost certain to look at in detail, it is homework.

This means they do not just check the homework set, but also how many children completed it, when it was marked, the engagement with parents, the way in which the marks given were used to direct further teaching…

As a result, a growing number of schools have decided to use homework as the key leverage point when focussing on raising their Ofsted report.

But of course, getting everyone to put in the maximum effort to complete their homework every time can be complex and difficult. And that is why our online program, Show My Homework, exists.

And indeed it is fair to say that a large number of schools have used Show My Homework as a prime mechanism for raising their Ofsted report to Outstanding.  This has been managed in two ways:

First, Show My Homework allows all colleagues to set and monitor homework quickly and effectively in a way that all children and parents can see.

Second, the service presents the record of all the homework set and gathers the marks and comments generated in one place.  This makes it easy for the inspector to see the homework set, the work done, the marks obtained, and the resultant analysis.

In both cases everyone (children, inspectors, you, your colleagues, and the parents) can see exactly what has been set. There are no more excuses for not knowing what the homework was.

Another reason that the program works so well is that the online system comes complete with a translation module ensuring that all homework is replicated in the students’ (and their parents’) own language.

Of course, we know that changing the way homework is set, recorded, and marked is a big decision.  So what most schools do is start with a totally free, without obligation, school demonstration or visit.

For more information please visit our website or if you would like to book in a free demo where you can benefit from Show My Homework free for KS1, please click here.

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