Does your school or college have enough exam desks for your students …….? 

Exams aren’t far away and it’s perhaps easy to assume that there will be enough exam desks for all  students….. but suppose this isn’t the case….

It’s might be worth checking the stock of exam desks well before the exams are due to start, just to make sure there’s enough to go round.

Central Educational Supplies Ltd have been supplying exam desks (as well as other educational furniture) since 2004 and can often supply at very short notice…sometimes  just two or three working days.

Why not contact them now to see how they may be able to help with your exam preparations?

Central Educational Supplies Ltd can be contacted by:


phone: 020 7515 1797

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Central Educational Supplies Ltd.,  PO Box 999  London  E14 6SH

What’s a simple way to encourage and motivate your students?   

Almost everyone likes to be recognised..… whether it’s in the form of a bonus payment, long service award or just an occasional “well done.”

Interestingly I once read an article which stated that most employees respond best when they are thanked for their efforts or praised for their contribution to the organisation they work for……rather than being given money.  When praise is combined with even a small gift then this becomes a great motivator and is likely to increase their loyalty and commitment.

Sadly, it seems that many large firms take their staff for granted and seem oblivious to the fact that without their (often) hard working staff their business would not exist.

If you’ve ever watched the programme “Undercover Boss”  you’ll know what I mean.  All too often the boss of the company is out of touch with his staff, his stores, and what goes on in them……In fact all too often it seems that lowly paid staff are better able to run the stores than the CEO himself (or herself). 

So, what has this got to do with student behaviour, effort and recognition? 

Well, there’s a  product which has just become available in the UK. It’s simple, it’s basic, it’s low cost, but as well as being very useful for students I think it could also be a great motivator.

It’s called the “Student Study Set”  and contains all that a student needs for most of their lessons.

Consisting of four full length HB pencils, four black ink pens, two quality erasers and two sharpeners and a 15 cm ruler …all contained in  an “exam friendly” clear PVC pencil case with a traditional zip closure and sewn sides for strength. From just £1.35 ex vat it could be an ideal gift for use as an incentive, a prize or perhaps given to all students at the start of a new term.

The “Student Study Set” can be ordered from:

Signpost Educational Ltd.,   PO Box 999,   London  E14 6SH      Tel:  020 7515 1797

email:    website:

PS.  Orders are usually delivered within 1-3 working  days