Why school and college shops can be so helpful, both for students and staff ……

 Not every school  or college has a shop.  There may be a perfectly good reason for this…..  Not enough space, no staff available to set it up and run it… or perhaps there just doesn’t seem much enthusiasm  or a good reason for having a shop.  

However,  there are several benefits  associated with a school or college shop…. 

1.  Easy availability of products for students.

2.  Schools can tailor the shops stock according to the demands of their curriculum.

3.  Potential products can be “road tested” by their own students to find out which are most   suitable and offer good value for money.

4.  By purchasing direct from well established suppliers a school shop should be able to offer lower   prices  to students than they would pay if  similar products were bought locally.

5.  When students forget basic equipment such as pens, pencil, ruler etc  a quick visit to the school   shop at the start of the day will enable them to buy what they need and reduce  time   wasted at the start of lessons.  Result  ?    Students are more productive and there’s less hassle for  teachers.

It’s this last point I’d like to stress.

There are four particularly helpful products for students which  school shops might consider.

The four products are:

a. Student Essentials Set      Basic kit for almost all lessons.  From 85p each

b. Student Study Set             An upgraded version of  (b)   From £ 1.65 each

c. Value Maths Set                Basic Maths kit    From £ 1.25  each

d. Maths Exam Pack             An upgraded version of (c)    From £ 1.75 each

Further details (inc. images)  of each product can be found on the website of Signpost Educational   Ltd.,  www.signposteducational.co.uk    email:  signpost@talk21.com

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 Orders are usually delivered within 1-3 days.  Prices are ex vat.