“Will this calculator replace the Casio FX 83GT Plus …..?  

The Casio FX 83 GT+ was the UK’s best selling scientific calc…and deservedly so.  It’s been setting the pace in many UK schools and colleges and was the first choice for GCSE exams for many students.

But now it’s been discontinued, having been replaced by an upgraded spec’ model at a higher price. Top grade maths students are likely to benefit from this new model (FX83GTX), but what about the majority, for whom the FX83GT+ was perfectly adequate and available at a reasonable price?

Well, the news is positive. There is an alternative……

It’s the Logik LK 83XP which has almost all the features of the FX 83GT Plus but with one big advantage…… it’s dual power.  This combination of battery and solar power prolongs battery life and gives students extra reassurance, especially when used in exams.

The LK 83XP has a THREE year guarantee* and is suitable for all exams where a calculator is allowed.  Features include: 252 functions,   “natural (textbook) display,” check, correct and replay, stats calculations, prime factorisation, hard plastic keys, slide on case, etc.

It’s a calc which can see your students all the way from year 7 to GCSE and at a surprisingly modest price.  (*excludes LCD damage)

Further details on:   www.signposteducational.co.uk  or phone 020 7515 1797  or email: signpost@talk21.com

Signpost Educational Ltd., PO Box 999   London  E14 6SH

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“No one chooses to be Homeless”

Streets Apart by Jackie Lines

A new and ground-breaking play, Streets Apart deals with the growing crisis of 21st Century homelessness.

How can it happen in a wealthy country like ours?

This brilliant new contemporary script explores the moving struggles of homelessness and the uphill challenge of surviving another day.

What are the issues behind homelessness and how do those less fortunate end up on a downward spiral in life?

In a heartbeat everything could change and this becomes your destiny.

The visceral story follows the journey of two young vulnerable people living in a tent and lost to the world and themselves. Set on the dark and threatening streets and in the safety of a Day Centre, their stories throw light on a crisis in society that is rarely understood.

Streets Apart brings a powerful insight into homeless through innovative and immersive theatre. Blazing with tension, energy and passion, this inspirational play explores the fragility of life.   

And how lives can change when a community comes together. 

An ideal production for students looking to address contemporary issues in society. The play also highlights for students the need for a sound financial footing in life as rents increase and affordable housing becomes scarce.


MUSIC & LYRICS: “Someone to Hold”. Written by Chris Musson. Included in Script Cost. Free of PRS.

RUNNING TIME: approx. 1hr 25 mins.
Unlimited, male and female
The author is happy for this to be adapted age appropriately. 
The play is ideally performed on the flat or a thrust stage.

COST: £50 for a single performance, £40 for each additional performance.  A full copy of the script will be emailed to you with permission for photocopying.

FOR FURTHER DETAILS CONTACT: jaxlines@streetsapartplay.com