Imagine 70 classic works of English Literature.

Then imagine quality editions at £2.50 each. Then imagine a 25% discount.

Of course you might be reserved about such an offer because your notion of classic works might not be the same as ours.

So just in case you are concerned, we have set out our list of classic works from Vanity Fair to Emma, from The Time Machine to the poems of William Blake, from – well you can imagine the rest.  The list is rather comprehensive on our website, and we hope that will reassure you.

But then again you might wonder about the quality of the books provided at such reasonable prices, which is why we are always happy to send you a free sample.

And here I’d assure you that free really does mean free.  Not £0 plus £4.95 postage.  No, it is free.  Just email

Or maybe you might feel that the books you require are not exactly classics – in which case just go to our home page and select the type of books you want to explore.

Now at this point I am hopeful that the options above will answer all your thoughts about how there can be, in the UK today, a publisher who can offer books which are said to be of the highest quality at such low prices.

But just in case not, here’s something else.

This year we introduced a new series of books that make wonderful prizes and rewards to be handed out on speech day and other special occasions.

These volumes are hardbacks, cloth-bound, with matching coloured end papers, embossed gold and colour blocking to enhance their beautiful, bespoke cover illustrations.  And best of all they are just £6.99.  The list of these titles is here.

I do hope you will find something of interest for you and your school on our website, but if not please do get in touch.  Here are all details…