Is it really possible to portray the entire PSHE syllabus in one hour… on stage???

Apparently yes, it is possible, because so far over 100,000 secondary school students have watched the theatrical presentation “Alphabet of a Teenager” in their own school.  Feedback from teachers has been universally positive.

What these students have seen is a production that covers 36 PSHE issues in one 60 minute performance.

The play follows a teenager as he reflects on how his life has changed over his time at school, the friends he’s made along the way and the trials and tribulations of teenage life. The performance encompasses drugs and alcohol education, emotional health and wellbeing, work-related learning, racism and cyber safety.

Alphabet of a Teenager was put together with a consortium of educators, writers and performers ensuring that it works for pupils and students every time – and with productions having taken place in over 800 schools, we can certainly verify that this is the case.

There are also optional follow up workshops which delve deeper into the issues raised.

To find out more about this performance please visit or you can call me at anytime on 020 8088 0717.