The forgotten skill within learning the lack of which is hindering the progress of thousands of children

Imagine a child who has a total grasp of a subject – perhaps history, or geography, or French, or maths.

But now imagine that same child without the ability effectively to communicate her or his knowledge.  As far as the rest of the world is concerned that young person simply hasn’t learned.

Of course this is an extreme case, but in essence every child with poor communication skills has difficulties – not just in self-expression but also in listening and understanding.

In short the child with communication problems has difficulties with every aspect of learning.

And this problem affects a huge number of children.  Ican, for example, has suggested that at least 10% of young people across the UK have communication difficulties severe enough to be hindering their learning, and causing difficulties in areas such as problem-solving and maintaining relationships.

To overcome this problem what is needed is a way for children to learn effective two-way interactive communication so that they can participate both in the formal side of their education and the social side of being at school.

But the problem is, how can this be arranged within the current financial situation?

NLP4kids works in this area with many schools around the UK, and our work includes helping schools access government funding specifically set aside for this sort of project – thus effectively making our services available free of charge to the school.

If you would like to know more about our work in improving students’ communication skills and about the funding, please do have a look at our communication skills webpage.

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Gemma Bailey
Director of NLP4Kids