How can we inform pupils about PSHE without speaking to them?

This is not a trick question.

Most schools use wall art to enhance noticeboards and to ensure that pupils are fully informed about school policy and procedure and also to deliver key messages.

Travelling around the UK we see thousands of posters on school noticeboards on our travels, some of which really do enhance key messages.

The posters within the realms of PSHE often have to be created by schools themselves and therefore don’t have the same flair and design quality as other subjects.

We’ve also not been able to find a company who produce a digital download variation of their posters, for you to print at school.

Whilst a poster arriving delivered is important and time saving, it can also be costly and overlooks the fact that most schools have reprographics who can print posters in any size of premium print quality.

Digital download options in A1-A4 are an option for our PSHE posters and the A4 size starts at £3.99, with an A1 poster costing £7.99 – manageable for almost any PSHE budget.

We have a poster on the facts about bullying, celebrating diversity, facts about drugs and alcohol, revision techniques and a few posters on informed choices.

These are low cost and deliver high impact. You can view all of them here

Of course, all of our posters are available free with one of our workshops. Give me a call or drop me a line if you’d like to discuss this on 020 8088 0717.