Do you (or the site manager) get fed up with broken or vandalised classroom chairs? 

Do you ever wish you could have a greater range of chair colours?

How would you feel about getting 2018 Postura Plus classroom chairs  at 2017 prices….. and to cap it all how about a 20 year warranty on every chair you order?

Postura Plus chairs are manufactured from a single mould of polypropylene with no  screws, bolts or other fixings to become loose or be vandalised.  Their ergonomic design promotes enhanced user comfort which should at the same time improve your students  concentration in lessons….. plus the 20 year warranty will make a dramatic dent in your organisations maintenance costs. Site managers like Postura Plus chairs as they have seen significant reductions in damage and vandalism.

What’s more, the Postura Plus range of one piece chairs is available in 16 colours and six sizes, right from nursery through schools to colleges and universities. Postura Plus chairs are already installed in thousands of UK schools and colleges, and not without good reason.

You can have all of these benefits at the same time when you order from Central Educational Supplies Ltd  who have been supplying Potura Plus chairs for well over ten years.

Why not visit their website (  to find out more about Postura Plus chairs…and consider their 20 year warranty.  How much could Postura Plus chairs save your organisation compared with traditional classroom chairs, not to mention the advantages of purchasing this years’ chairs at 2017 prices.

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