To what extent do your pupils understand what is going on in the Middle East?

The average person knows very little of what is going on in the middle east, and perhaps more importantly, WHY – a result of the differing interpretations of historical and present-day events in the region. Not to mention it’s obvious complexity.

And, since your pupils have followed this timeline of events for a much shorter period of time, confusion and a lack of understanding about what is going on in the middle east is likely to be much greater. Which is why the charity, Middle East Education, was formed and are offering FREE talks that give a balanced yet factual look at the issues involved.

If you are interested in booking one of our FREE talks, simply email to register your interest and to organise a mutually convenient time for us to visit your school.

Given by two knowledgeable, articulate and lively speakers, one Muslim the other Christian or Jewish, the talks can be provided in accordance with the requests from individual schools and are accompanied by colourful PowerPoint presentations containing many maps and photos, films, and animations. What’s more, questions and discussion by your students is encouraged.

If you would like to find out more before registering your interest, simply visit On our website you will also find a number of free resources, including PowerPoints, activities and teachers’ notes, generally sorted by subject area (General Studies, History…) and/or education level (GCSE, A-Level…).


“Your presentation was extremely interesting – you managed to compress a huge amount of material into less than an hour without sacrificing its intelligibility, and our pupils were clearly engaged by what you had to say.”  – Ibstock Place School

“Our students found the talks beneficial, we wanted to cover the overview period with an emphasis on the present day and this was achieved. Having the aid of the ppt and Sami’s examples, gave our students further sources that they could use in their controlled assessment. We will be looking to have a talk next year subject to any review of our curriculum.” – Upton High

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