A teenager’s taste is determined by parents, school, what’s being streamed this week, and chance.

Why was I so taken by science fiction during my early secondary school years?  Not because it did anything for my social standing; rather the reverse.  Nor because of my parents or my teachers.  But something tipped me in that direction.

But that chance interest did introduce me to HG Wells, and from thence into a much wider range of literature.

Now I mention this, not because you’ll have any interest in my early years (unless perchance we were at school together, which my computer tells me is a 17,857 to 1 chance, so I’ll assume not) but because of that adage: one thing leads to another.

My science fiction fascination led me to read all sorts of second and third rate literature, but somehow also took me into detective fiction and from there…   Well I won’t bore you, but I am sure you can see the point.

When pupils and students start reading, they can be taken anywhere, providing there are copies of alternative books available and a guiding hand in the school that suggests one might try this or that next.

Which brings me to my point: Wordsworth Editions has a very wide range of books from as little as £1.88 each (with no delivery charge and no minimum order) covering authors from Oscar Wilde to DH Lawrence, Jane Austen to Wilkie Collins.

My point is that one never quite knows where a young student’s interest will lead, and so having a wide range of titles means that when the moment of interest comes, the books are there.  If you want to see our selection of 50 essential texts please do click here.

We also have our offer of a free book just in case you have not come across Wordsworth Editions before.  (Or indeed just in case the notion of books from as little as £1.88 each with free delivery seems just too good to be true.)

So, to receive a free sample of one of our classics without any obligation please do email education@wordsworth-editions.com with your name and the school address, and we’ll put it in the post to you with our compliments.