Naturally the mathematics programmes of study puts a great deal of emphasis on number and functions; yet there is much less emphasis on problem-solving, and consequently teaching resources have been written to reflect this.

However, the ability to problem-solve is fundamental to maths attainment, and a lack of it can grind pupils’ progress to a halt, despite their comprehension of number and functions. Which is why we have made six worksheets from the Open-ended Maths Investigations Series available to you, free of charge.

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The activities in the Open-ended Maths Investigations Series encourage pupils to apply higher order mathematical strategies, creatively and effectively. The investigations become increasingly complex as you progress through the series, enabling pupils to develop proficiency in a wide range of problem-solving strategies.

The books in the Open-ended Maths Investigations series will provide you with open-ended investigations matched to the following strands of mathematics: Number, Money, Measurement, Space, Chance and Data, and Patterns and Algebra.

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