Dyscalculia; what is it and what effect does it have?

Understanding what dyscalculia is can allow schools to help sufferers improve their maths and obtain reasonable results in their examinations

Educational specialists believe that dyscalculia, struggling with numbers, is a specific learning difficulty – an unexpected inability to handle one or more aspects of maths. It has for many years been overshadowed by dyslexia, and yet the inability to handle basic mathematical issues can be just as big a problem for those who suffer from it, as is dyslexia.

Although some children with dyslexia also have great difficulties learning maths, this is not always the case. Research suggests that around 25% of dyslexic children are actually above average in their ability at maths. This suggests that there are different factors at work in dyscalculia from those causing or exacerbating cases of dyslexia.

Understanding Dyscalculia: An Introduction for Schools examines the five main causes of dyscalculia and sets out the methods of working available which can help pupils overcome their dyscalculic problems. The book contains short sections which can be photocopied to give out to other members of staff in school, to worried parents, and to governors, so that everyone can share in the awareness of what dyscalculia is, and how it can be tackled.

Above all the book shows that once we understand and accept the causes of dyscalculia we can adopt appropriate methods of teaching to overcome the problem. Research suggests that most children who gain appropriate help in school can overcome their dyscalculic difficulties and achieve an acceptable grade in secondary school examinations, thus allowing entry into further and higher education.

There is a sample chapter available on-line at http://pdf.firstandbest.co.uk/dyscalculia/T1628.pdf

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