Authors wanted to write books and manuals for schools

If you are contemplating writing a book that could sell to other teachers we would like to hear from you. Or perhaps you have a set of lesson plans or PowerPoints that could be useful to other teachers.

First and Best is particularly interested in publishing the following types of educational resources:

  • Material of interest to teachers on a department-wide or school-wide basis – often texts which teachers will read and then return to a staff meeting to discuss.
  • Subject specific teaching resources – of practical use to the teacher in the classroom.
  • Special needs and behaviour management materials.
  • Information for school administrators – be it material related to specific topics, or more general items on raising the efficiency of the school office.

If you are interested please email me details of your proposed book including:

  1. Book title – provisional – and proposed length
  2. Sample pages – 5 to 10 pages to give us a feel for your style
  3. Contents page
  4. A brief summary of the proposed book saying whom it is aimed at (age level, subject area, etc), and any thoughts you have on why this book will be wanted by teachers.
  5. The market for your book.

Once we get your email we’ll get back to you very shortly, and if we are able to take the book we’ll send you a contract.

You can see the full list of current First and Best publications on For more information for authors please go to

If you have any queries please call 01536 399 000 and ask for the New Authors Department.

Anne Cockburn
Senior Editor