How do you tell who hasn’t got a backache?

Laptops and netbooks are wonderful inventions – except when you have to move them en masse from one part of the school to another.

You can of course put them on a trolley, but items can slip off trolleys. And besides, trolleys are wide things that don’t always fit into cupboards.

Which is why some laptops and netbooks get carried around, and why some people, as a result, get a backache.

But here’s a thought: supposing you could put all your laptops and/or netbooks in a suitcase and then (and this is the clever bit) put wheels on the suitcase – just as you have wheels on the suitcase you use when going to the airport.

That’s what the NetRoller netbook store and charge is – a suitcase on wheels that stores netbooks or laptops. And, as a bonus, it charges them too.

The NetRoller is exceptionally lightweight and robust, enabling you to charge and transport up to 16 netbooks up to 10.2” size. The laptop version, the LapRoller, can store 8 x 12” laptops.

What’s more, if storing space is limited, up to 3 NetRollers can be stacked on top of each other.

Each Netroller contains a built-in Electrical Power Management system (EPM) which monitors the amount of current coming from the mains supply which prevents the electric circuits from tripping.

An energy saving feature is also included: the Auto-Power-Off function automatically switches the unit off after a 8 hour charging cycle allowing the unit to charge overnight without wasting energy.

There is more detailed information on our website. Click here for details on the NetRoller and here for the LapRoller. Alternatively call us on 01753 53 99 55 or email us at for more details.