What is the most effective way of enhancing pupils’ ability to write connected sentences with meaningful structures?

Moving pupils from an endless stream of sentences which all begin with “then,” across to sentences that utilise meaningful structures is one of the best ways to help pupils create varied sentences and engaging paragraphs in their writing.

In short it provides more variety of sentence structure, uses clauses to develop complex sentences and, most importantly, improves attainment in literacy by building confidence and self-esteem.

You can see how this is done through a free download from the book “Daily Sentence Structures” which is now available on-line.  (See the link below.)

Daily Sentence Structures is a practical guide which provides a straightforward way of teaching pupils to use a range of sentence structures in their own writing, whatever their age and ability.

Each structure has been broken down into a series of 15-minute sessions that build on each other. By completing the daily sessions pupils will have at their fingertips a system for creating imaginative and interesting writing in as little as six weeks.

Daily Sentence Structures covers many of the writing requirements of the 2014 National Curriculum, including: using grammatical structures, making meaning clear and creating effect, using a range of sentence starters to create specific effects, using commas to mark phrases and clauses, sustaining and developing ideas logically, varying sentence structures, and using semi-colons and dashes.

Pupils’ confidence and self-esteem will increase, leading to better results across all subjects, and the systematic approach appeals especially to boys, who will enjoy applying the logic to their writing and being able to create ‘instant paragraphs’.

The price of the book is £18.50. You can find a free download from the book here

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