The “Mr. Reliable”  GCSE scientific calculator that’s been around since 2004 and is still going strong…… 

In 2004 the Logik LK 183 GCSE scientific calculator was introduced to UK schools and colleges.

Up to this point the Logik brand had only been available in basic four function models which were fine for primary schools, but didn’t really cater for KS 3 and 4 and GCSE exams.

The LK 183 changed all that.  With excellent build quality and reliability and a keyboard that was already familiar to maths teachers and students alike, the LK 183 became a favourite in many schools.  It’s functions and features, which included twin line display, stats calculations, check, correct and replay,  random numbers etc   meant that it was well suited for GCSE.  With 240 functions, a slide-on protective cover, hard plastic keys for durability, auto-power off  and similar features to the brand leader PLUS a three year guarantee, it became established in many maths departments.

The good news is that the LK 183 is still available today.  From just £ 3.80  ex vat and in class sets of 30 calcs in a Gratnells storage box with foam insert and lid from just £ 124.50  ex vat  it still offers remarkably good value.

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