What is the one thing that encourages students to read, more than any other?

Ghost stories, tales of the supernatural, and ultimately what we might call spooky stories, can all be exciting and interesting to many secondary school readers.

But, of course, not every young student enjoys such work – and none of us wishes to give a little bit of a fright to students who have no desire to receive even a little jolt.

Which is why no one would ever suggest that such works – even when they are classics – should be made compulsory reading for every secondary school student.

However, they are part of our heritage, and there have, over the years, been many students who have started the journey into reading fiction as a regular activity through the works of authors such as Edgar Allen Poe, HP Lovecraft or indeed Sheridan Le Fanu.

Which is why we have put together a collection of some 30 books from the English gothic tradition, all written by literary masters, from Edith Wharton to Wilkie Collins.

Our works include reprints of these classics from as little as £2.25 each, (after deducting our 25% school discount), with no delivery charge and no minimum order.

If you would like to see our full list of classic ghost stories, weird tales, and intriguing, outlandish mysteries please click here.

Some schools take these volumes and put them in the school library, while others have copies under the direct control of the English teaching staff, so that young students can be advised as to what they will be reading, before they borrow any such book.

But of one thing there can be no doubt.  Tens of thousands (perhaps hundreds of thousands, perhaps even more) of young people have found their way to becoming regular readers through discovering these classics.

In case you have not come across Wordsworth Editions before we are able to supply a free copy of one of our titles upon request.  Please write to us, without any obligation, at education@wordsworth-editions.com with your name and the school address, and we’ll put it in the post to you with our compliments.

Alternatively to see what’s new in our list of classic books at the lowest possible prices please click here.  If you have any enquiries, please email us at education@wordsworth-editions.com.