Add at least £12,000 to your school’s training budget

The new TrailBlazer group has now been set up to develop government funded training for SENCOs, Teachers, Teaching Assistants and School Nurses to become registered Play Therapists.  It is confirmed that 90% of the total cost (estimated at £12,000 over a two year period) will be provided for training at level 7 (Post Graduate) once the proposed scheme is fully approved.

At the recent inaugural meeting nearly 100 primary schools were represented.  Become a part of this Beacon group. There’s room for another 200 from any part of England, organised in clusters of 12 – 16 schools.

The training will meet:

  • The new Ofsted inspection requirements coming into force this September;
  • registration on the Professional Standard Authority’s Accredited Register of Play and Creative Arts Therapists;
  • the principles of the new Mental Health Charter, being put forward as a blueprint for the reform of the 1983 Mental Health Act

This is a marvellous opportunity to provide therapeutic support for your pupils with social, emotional, behaviour and mental health issues.  Much reduced waiting lists for CAHMS, better than just a Mental Health Lead, excellent career progression for one or two staff members.

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Yours sincerely

Jeff Thomas

Secretariat:  Play Therapist TrailBlazer Apprenticeship Group