Is there a simple way to encourage  your students to help keep your school or college free of litter …..?

This incident happened when I was doing playground break duty in a London school many years ago.  I was standing next to a group of boys when a couple of them threw some crisps and sweet wrappers on the floor.  If my memory serves me correctly I asked them if they lived in a rubbish tip and why couldn’t they just wait until they got to a litter bin before getting rid of their wrappers. They looked at me as if I’d just dropped in from another planet.  “But sir,” they said, “there’s people whose job it is to pick up rubbish.”

It made me wonder how they were brought up and why they didn’t seem bothered about turning their school playground into a dumping ground for sweet wrappers, drink cans and fast food boxes, etc.

So how can we encourage students to be a bit more responsible?

I’ve always thought that the more litter bins there are scattered around a school, (both indoors and outdoors), the more likely they are to be used. After all if a litter addict has only got to take two steps to a bin, rather than thirty, there’s a pretty good chance that he’ll take those two steps.  Which leads me to why I’m writing this email to you.

Having done a stint of 22 years secondary teaching in inner city London I’m now involved in supplying furniture (and litter bins!) to schools and colleges throughout the UK and I’d like to make you an offer which I hope will lead to a reduction in litter in your school.

Our litter bins are manufactured in the UK from durable polyethylene plastic and are suitable for internal or external use. Each bin has a rigid plastic liner to make it easy to dispose of litter when full.  The  large capacity round bin (volume 118 litres) measures 510 mm diameter x 960 mm high. The square bin (volume 45 litres) measures 375 x 375 mm and is 870 mm high.  Choose red, blue or green.

The square bins are £105 each while the round bins are £129 each….and here’s where we hope you’ll take advantage of our offer and at the same time encourage your students to use a litter bin rather than the floor to dispose of their wrappers and drink cans, etc.

When you order five or more bins (in a single order) we’ll give you an extra bin completely FREE….a saving of more than £100.  Simply email, phone or post your order to:

Central Educational Supplies Ltd.,  PO Box 999  London E14 6SH

Tel: 020 7515 1797

Prices exclude VAT.  Delivery (to most postcodes)  £29