Book death?

The rumours of my death have been greatly exaggerated

Mark Twain’s famous comment made, supposedly, on reading an obituary of himself while on a lecture tour in England might equally have been applied these last few years not to Mark Twain himself but to the whole concept of books in their printed form.

The printed book is dead, digital is king, we were told.  And yet, and yet…

The printed book does not just struggle on, it is thriving.  While sales of electronic books have started to decline, sales of printed books are rapidly recovering.

And one can understand why from several points of view.

For example, with the cost of quality paperback books having declined to as little as £1.88 each (with no minimum order and no delivery charge) many schools are taking the opportunity to reintroduce students to a revitalised school library.

Others are choosing a set of books and offering students the chance to take one book each to read, report back on it to the whole class, and then keep the copy of the volume for themselves.

And this collection of low priced volumes is not restricted, for the works range from tales of the great classics to books of poetry and from thence to mystery and supernatural and on and on.

Indeed the choice in fact is enormous.  If you would like to see our full list, grouped into collections, please take a look at this page from our website.

But if this all seems to be too good to be true we also have our offer of a free book just in case you have not come across Wordsworth Editions before.

To receive a free sample of one of our classics without any obligation whatsoever just email with your name and the school address, and we’ll put it in the post to you with our compliments.

Ordering, likewise is simple.  For the books are supplied for us by Bookpoint Ltd, and there is a very high chance in percentage terms that you will have an existing accounts. You can find full details on our website.

I do hope you will have a look at what we have to offer, and join thousands of other schools that are relishing this revised interest in the printed, as opposed to the digital.