Anger is a natural part of being human; but it still needs to be managed

Almost certainly anger has been a human emotion since our species first evolved. For it has great survival benefits in warding off rivals and predators and helping establish tribal hierarchy.

However, in most schools teenagers are not faced by predators, and there is already a hierarchy established by the school and surrounding social structure.

But anger remains a potential in our makeup, and both children and teenagers need to have ways of overcoming the urge to express this primitive instinct at inopportune moments.

And helping students to control angry reactions both to everyday experiences and to the problems in their lives that accumulate across time can be difficult.

This difficulty can arise because we will want to offer emotional support to a student in difficulty, while at the same time having a duty towards everyone else in the class, including those who are on the receiving end of the anger.

However, there is an approach which makes it possible for students with anger issues to be fully integrated back into mainstream schooling.

This approach involves not just managing a student’s behaviour but also seeking out and dealing with the issues that are causing this behaviour as well as helping the student find the best emotional coping strategies to resolve the problem.

And this is what NLP4Kids offers: helping students communicate their thoughts and feelings with others, helping them make meaningful relationships, and ultimately helping them improve their employment opportunities all through bringing their anger under control.

If you feel that you have some students in your school who are not reaching their full potential because of anger and related issues, you may find our website helpful.

We have already worked with numerous schools across the country and now have additional time and funding available to come to your school and work with the students you nominate. There are more details of our work at

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